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Schweißgerät in der Produktion

Optimum planning, control and monitoring of production

  • Modern PPS software for series and small series production, (contract) manufacturing 
  • Automated manufacturing processes, optimized resource planning and short lead times
  • Access to information from purchasing, warehouse management, MRP, accounting & more 

ERP & PPS clever combined The PPS system in SAP Business One integrates functions for production and manufacturing

The PPS-System in SAP Business One integrates functions for production and manufacturing

ERP & PPS systems optimise processes Simple production planning and control (PPS) with SAP Business One

With SAP Business One, small and medium-sized industrial production companies (series and small batch production, contract manufacturing, manufactories) receive a transparent business software that clearly provides all decision-relevant information of the entire company in one system..


With integrated production planning and control (PPC) it is possible to optimally plan and control production and manufacturing processes in industrial companies. These proven PPS processes are part of the manufacturing module.


In this way, you benefit from automated manufacturing processes, accompanied by optimised resource planning, short throughput times and the efficient management of inventories and production deadlines. External production partners, orders and partners can also be easily added to the ERP+PPS system.


The intelligent software solution is quickly ready for use without adjustments and easy to use by employees. With the ERP-PPS system and us as your SAP partner, you save time and above all money - from day one.


Production orders in view at all times The advantages of the ERP-PPS system

PPS systems serve the purpose of optimally planning and controlling production and manufacturing processes in industrial companies. With these systems, manufacturing processes can be automated and optimised for specific industries. The goals here include optimising the use of resources. This includes material, machines and personnel. In addition, PPS systems should ensure short throughput times, optimised inventories and adherence to production deadlines.

Since production planning and control is an integral part of the ERP solution SAP Business One, it has access at all times to information from other company areas - for example,  purchasing, inventory, warehouse management, MRP, CRM or finance - directly from the "Production" module.

Especially in the case of complex products with multi-level bills of materials, several production sites and many process participants, the use of an ERP-PPS system is almost indispensable for manufacturing companies in the SME sector: the systems standardise the processes, automate and centralise data flow and thus ensure that all employees involved always decide and act on an up-to-date and correct information basis.

SAP is also an international pioneer in the industry because it provides scalable ERP and PPS systems that can be tailored by their users exactly to their own needs. For this purpose, the Production module has been adapted to the needs of the industry and offers individual extensions.

SAP & PPS Your advantages at a glance

Since all of the company's business processes are processed in the ERP-PPS system, from quotation to final invoice, from forecast to production control, in an integrated manner in one system, you are able to make statements immediately at any time!

  • Complete production planning from orders via procurement and warehouse to completion
  • Overview of available capacities: avoid bottlenecks, calculate component quantities
  • Resource costs are included in the costs of the final product
  • Process-oriented parts list structure and easier maintenance of parts lists
  • Customised production order structure that reflects your production process
  • Comprehensive data analysis in real time with SAP HANA Analytics or SAP Analytics Cloud.
ERP & PPS systems in SAP Business One:

Production and Manufacturing from a single source

Five construction worker figures climbing components

Companies today are under enormous competitive and price pressure. The demand for increasingly individualised products is also growing and opening up market access for international competitors. As a result, the effort and complexity of version management in production is also increasing.

Integrated ERP systems with sufficient production planning and control functionality support companies in mastering the increasing challenges. Additional advantages for small and medium-sized enterprises become apparent with the complete solution: improved customer management and the centralised planning of resources free up previously tied-up capacities.

Among the ERP systems, SAP Business One offers a digital core that can be expanded into an industry solution at any time with a complete production solution. Optionally, further modules, such as shop floor data collection, are available to meet the typical requirements of manufacturing companies.

The digital core already offers extensive production functionality in the standard version - and without industry extensions - and can also be used successfully with affiliated companies internationally. Extensions, so-called add-ons for SAP Business One, supplement the existing PPS functions with additional functionalities for special industries, for example for discrete manufacturing.

Functions of the "Production" module in SAP Business One

For years, industry has relied on the innovative products of SAP Business One. With traditional PPS systems, you can manage production planning. With integrated ERP systems like SAP Business One, production is only part of the data you can map. Thus, in the ERP-PPS solution, you link customer data, production order deadlines, bills of materials, demand analyses and inventories as well as labour resources and financial processes in one clear software. The various functions for production allow you to plan flexibly at any time. All decision-makers in different areas are always up-to-date. This enables them to make even better decisions.

Discover the core functions of the ERP-PPS system at a glance

The ERP-PPS system enables the processing of production orders in three production order types:

  • Standard - for the production of a regular production item in the regular production process, all components are entered automatically by the software.
  • Special - for special productions or other activities that are not based on the standard parts list, for example, repair orders. You can easily create the components for special production orders manually and assign them to the corresponding order.


  • Disassembly - for disassembling products into their product components (BOM items) with subsequent processes such as repair or sales. This way you save resources.
  • Sales - for the display of sets such as spare parts packages, which consist of several individual items and are managed in the set under their own item number: In evaluations, it is possible to report these in terms of quantity and value under their original article.
Two SAP Bill of Materials screens

Manage production orders

  • Receipt from production - for standard and special production orders, finished products are posted to inventory; for disassembly, the system adds the individual components to inventory.
  • Outputs for production - this allows you to easily manually issue items to production orders or report completed disassembly processes - the ERP PPS feature also allows automatic component output for backflush.


Keep production reports and bills of material

  • Generate production reports - track all open and closed procurement sales and purchase documents and automatically generate detailed BOM reports.
  • Define multi-level BOMs - the BOM depth is not limited and can be conveniently displayed in a BOM report for better clarity: with materials, dummy components and the required quantity.

ERP: Produktion und Fertigung neu gedacht Integrierte ERP & PPS Module vereinfachen & beschleunigen Ihre Produktion

Systemweit integrierte ERP & PPS Module arbeiten in SAP Business One nahtlos zusammen. Erstellen Sie beispielsweise direkt aus einem oder mehreren Kundenaufträgen oder Rahmenaufträgen heraus Beschaffungsaufträge. Auch Produktionsaufträge sind möglich. Mit den PPS-Systemen der Software ermitteln Sie jederzeit transparent ob und in welcher Menge ein bestimmter Artikel im Kundenauftrag verfügbar ist. Die Artikelverfügbarkeitsprüfung (Available-to-Promise) prognostiziert einem bestimmten Termin (Capable-to-Promise) für Sie.

Das Modul “Ressourcen” ist eine Erweiterung des ERP PPS Moduls “Produktion”, mit dem Sie zentrale Geschäftsprozesse innerhalb Ihrer gesamten Produktionskette tätigen können, unter anderem:

  • Ressourcen verwalten (Mensch, Maschine, Energie)
  • Produktionskapazitäten verwalten
  • Wartungsvorgänge für Ressourcen einplanen


  • Kalkulationen der Standardproduktion überwachen
  • Tatsächliche Produktionsdaten analysieren
  • Kapazitäten begrenzen/erweitern
Nutzeroberflächen SAP Ressourcen-Manager

Als Ressource können Sie bei den PPS-Systemen zum Beispiel beteiligte Waren, Maschinen, Werkzeuge und Arbeitskräfte definieren. Ressourcen sind zu einem bestimmten Zeitraum in einer bestimmten Kapazität verfügbar. Diese Kapazität kann dann im Planning einem Produktionsauftrag zugewiesen werden. Der Ressourcenverbrauch für Aufträge wird automatisch den Gesamtherstellungskosten eines Produktionsprozesses zugerechnet. Durch die intelligente Materialbedarfsplanung in SAP Business One ersetzen Sie zudem fehleranfällige Ad-hoc Lösungen durch strukturierte Planungsprozesse.

Icon Zahnraeder



Vollständige Integration
Alle Informationen stehen Ihnen in Echtzeit zur Verfügung. Rückmeldedaten aus Fremdsystemen stehen ebenso im ERP-System bereit. Alle Geschäftsprozesse greifen durch ERP/PPS-Integration nahtlos ineinander.

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ERP/PPS Informationsfluss
Anwender sind jederzeit über sämtliche Prozesse Ihrer Produktion im Bilde und können, falls notwendig, frühzeitig gegensteuern oder Ihren Kunden Auskünfte geben. KPI’s übernehmen dabei die Darstellung der Werte im ERP-System.


Termingenaue Planung
Sie können die Verfügbarkeit sämtlicher Ressourcen – Material, Maschinen und Personal – dank der PPS-Systeme und ERP-Systeme optimal aufeinander abstimmen und somit Produktionstermine besser einhalten.

Add-ons für noch mehr Flexibilität

Mithilfe von Add-ons sind die integrierten PPS-Systeme problemlos erweiterbar. Mit der neuen Lösung Boyum Cloud bringen Sie Ihre SAP-Unternehmenssoftware auf das nächste digitale Level. Alle Daten sind jederzeit abrufbar und sicher in der Cloud - auch auf dem Tablet. Wir beraten Sie gerne zu den praktischen Erweiterungen Ihrer ERP-PPS-Systeme. Erfahren Sie mehr über die Möglichkeiten der Boyum Cloud!


Behalten Sie nicht nur alle Fertigungsprozesse im Blick, sondern auch Ihre SAP Buchhaltung sowie Ihre SAP Business One Anlagenbuchhaltung!


Sie haben Fragen zur Produktionsplanung und -steuerung in SAP Business One mit dem bewährten PPS-System oder möchten die Bedeutung einer Implementierung in Ihren Betrieb kennenlernen? Wir beraten Sie gerne.