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SAP Business One Web Client Interface

For PC and mobile devices The SAP Business One Web Client

The new SAP Business One Web Client for 10.0 HANA provides users with a modern, user-friendly interface for desktop computers and tablets. Not only the design has been revised. There are also some innovations in terms of functionality and customizability. Get to know the advantages of the SAP B1 web interface!

Neues Look and Feel Customized start page with the SAP Business One Web Client

Use the SAP Business One Web Client to conveniently access data, processes and other information on the go via PC or mobile device. The following points allow you to create your view in the SAP B1 Web Client individually and tailored to your needs - with a new, fresh look and feel!

  • Modern Design

    The Web Client for SAP Business One 10.0 HANA is based on the new SAP design style "Belize Deep", which is already familiar to some users from the Fiori environment. This means that the fresh look and feel with its characteristic tile look is now available across the board. Even 4K monitors are supported by the SAP Business One Web Client.

    Modern Design More about SAP Business One
  • Customized Homepage

    The new personal start page is the linchpin: when you call up the SAP Web Client from SAP Business One 10.0, you will first see a selection of relevant tiles or apps. You can customize these at any time and add or remove additional tiles. This creates your personal and individualized homepage.

    Customized Homepage More about SAP Business One 10.0
  • Flexible tiles

    Use the tiles and applications, for example, for quick access to your most frequently used SAP functions or to display relevant performance values (KPIs). You can also change their arrangement at any time.

    Flexible tiles More about the functions of SAP B1
  • With the individual tile fields and apps on your personal start page of the SAP Business One Web Client, you always have a quick overview of your current worklist and important customer or supplier data. You can also create tiles as shortcuts to frequently used transactions or master data.
  • You can also create groupings for thematically related apps so that you don't lose track. App groups can be moved, hidden and deleted at any time.

The interface for using SAP Business One is suitable for both PCs and mobile devices - so users always have the SAP Web Client to hand when on the move and can view important data or figures.

Intuitively designed me area allows personalization

In the so-called Me area, the Web Client for SAP Business One HANA provides several options with which you can customize the interface to your wishes and habits.

Last used
The 30 most frequently used and 30 most recently used functions of a user are listed here so that users of the SAP Business One Web Client can also select the most important functions quickly and easily.

App Finder
You will also find the "App Finder" here - a searchable catalog of all available apps, which you can use to customize your personal homepage and adapt it to changing requirements on an ongoing basis.

You have further personal customization options by selecting the desired theme, choosing between an overall or group view or selecting the desired language.

Please note that the language of the Web Client is identical to the language in SAP Business One by default. Selecting a different language in the Web Client affects the display language in SAP Business One and vice versa.

Me area in SAP Business One Web Client

Combined & simplified Company search and management with the Web Client

An important function of the Web Client is the "Enterprise Search", which can also be accessed via the header. As a universal search function, it makes it possible to search the entire company database. Creating and maintaining business partner data is just as convenient:

Company search
The intelligent keyword search helps you to find the information you are looking for quickly and precisely and to filter it in detail. You can customize the type of display, change the filter options and send the result immediately and quickly by e-mail to superiors, colleagues and stakeholders. This saves time and tedious e-mail correspondence with your contacts.

Another practical feature is the option to save search results in the form of a tile, name them individually and place them in the desired area of your.

More about company search

Manage business partners
If your employees and colleagues are on site at the customer's premises or on business trips, it may be necessary to create or update business partner data. Edit partner master data anywhere on site and almost in real time. This eliminates the need to fill out forms, take tedious notes and spend a long time following up after an appointment.

To ensure that you and your colleagues are always up to date, you can view, filter and create new business partner activities at any time.

More about data maintenance on business partners

Unternehmenssuche und GP Anlegen bei SAP Business One Web Client

Documents, procedures and supporting documents Purchasing and sales processes on the SAP B1 web interface

All documents, processes and receipts familiar from SAP Business One can also be found in the SAP Business One Web Client. This means you can continue to initiate and control purchasing and sales processes even when you are on the move or working from home.

For all purchasing processes, the SAP Business One Web Client supports read-only list views for the following purchasing documents:

  • Supplier inquiries
  • Purchase orders
  • Returns
  • Incoming goods
  • Incoming invoices
  • credit notes
Purchasing and sales with SAP Business One Web Client

The sales process includes all sales-related processes from the creation of a quotation and the sales order to the delivery of goods and invoicing. Users can manage or create each process step and the associated documents in the SAP B1 Web Client:

  • Quotations & Customer orders
  • Deliveries & Returns
  • Article
  • Outgoing invoice & Credit note

Customized & relevant Analytics tiles of the web client

The "Analytics" group is a particular highlight. Here you can compile an individual overview of all performance data relevant to you. If the analytics tiles are added to the start page of the SAP Business One Web Client, you can see the most important key figures or graphics at a glance. Clicking on the tile takes you directly to the relevant analysis to view more details. Among the available tile fields, you will find individual analyses or overviews of the following content:

  • Purchasing analyses
  • Sales analyses
  • Customer balances
  • Financial analysis
  • Sales quotas
  • Further performance
Analysefunktionen bei SAP Business One Web Client

At a glance The advantages of the SAP Business One Web Client

With the SAP Business One Web Client, you have direct access to extensive functions from SAP Business One wherever you are. The main menu and the structure of the documents are based on your SAP B1 installation, so that you can work in familiar steps and processes during mobile sessions. See the following benefits for yourself:

  • Many functions from SAP Business One available
  • Ideal for mobile use at the customer's premises, in the home office or on the move
  • Extensive set of analysis options and graphics
  • Familiar menu structure from SAP Business One
  • App-based, customizable interface and simple operation
  • Integration of Microsoft 365

Do you have questions about the Web Client for SAP Business One for HANA or would you like to find out more about SAP Business One project management and add-ons? Then please contact us - as your SAP Business Partner, we will be happy to advise you on suitable ERP solutions for your company!