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Small price, big performance SAP Business One costs

The cost of SAP Business One depends on many factors such as number of licenses, system customizations, data migration and on premise or cloud solutions. Find the best solution for your requirements at a reasonable price with COSIB!

Consider additional effort besides the individual license prices What is the cost of SAP Business One?

The cost of SAP Business One is an essential question that every small or medium-sized company must ask itself before implementing the ERP solution. However, it is not enough to calculate the prices according to which licenses are required using an SAP price list. Other factors must also be taken into account.

After all, the actual SAP Business One costs are highly individual due to the project implementation, necessary adjustments of the system to your specifications and processes, and the required user training. Therefore, prepare well for the implementation and determine which functions your company actually needs.

The implementation costs for SAP Business One are made up of the following individual components:

  • Software model: On premise or cloud (SaaS) solution
  • Software licenses (e.g. SAP Professional User, SAP Limited User or SAP Starter Package)
  • Technical support
  • Project coordination and project management
  • Transfer of existing data from the legacy system
  • Technical work such as installation and setup of the new ERP system
  • Training of your employees  
  • Maintenance

For a detailed price calculation we determine together with you which software model and which scope of services is suitable for you. For initial orientation, we have compiled some sample calculations for the setup in different company sizes here:


The right value for money Flexible solutions for current and future requirements

With an ERP system like SAP Business One, you can standardize the flow of information and the ways of working in your company. These standards are by no means rigid, but are individually adapted to your company. This is because the industry-specific processes that are important for your company can be defined in SAP Business One. Of course, this doesn't mean you have to reinvent all workflow options. SAP B1 is already configurable with a wide range of industry-specific processes and workflows.

The ERP software can also be easily extended with various add-ons. The more features and customizations your business solution requires, the higher the initial price for the SAP Business One system. Buying add-ons later is therefore the ideal solution. This way, you can first try out which functions fit your company and your requirements. In this way, SAP Business One provides small and medium-sized companies with a fully comprehensive business solution with a very good price-performance ratio.

Suitable for your business

SAP Business One Cloud rental costs

Digital cloud environment graphic

The price for SAP Business One as a cloud version is made up of several factors. After successful project implementation, you can calculate the costs transparently.

  • SAP Professional users have full system access for all program functions. Since these users can use all functions, this type of license is particularly suitable for employees who work in several areas, for executive positions and for employees in management.

    License SAP Professional User monthly costs of EUR 91,- per user Prices for SAP Professional Users
  • SAP Limited Users have restricted system access. The license is available either for the areas of logistics, sales or financial accounting. The functional scope of the limited users is limited to the necessary applications in their field of activity.

    License SAP Limited User monthly costs of EUR 47,- per user Costs for SAP Limited User
  • Small companies in particular often do not yet need a fully comprehensive ERP system. For this purpose, the SAP Business One Starter Package offers a lean, lower-cost ERP solution. The Starter Package includes up to 5 user licenses - it can be extended or reduced at any time.

    License SAP Starter Package monthly costs of EUR 38,- per user Info and prices SAP Starter Package

SAP Business One incurs monthly costs for operation in the certified EU data center, which are calculated up to date when the offer is prepared.


Simply calculate the costs: Use our practical Cloud Calculator:

Create your own, user-defined price quote for the services described, based on the type and number as well as the planned useful life of the SAP Business One cloud licenses. The Cloud Calculator not only includes the pure costs for the SAP Business One licenses, but also the costs for implementation and support.



What does the Cloud cost?
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SAP Business One Cloud

The modern alternative to server-based installation Get started cost-effectively with SAP Business One Cloud

SAP Business One does not have to be installed as enterprise software on your in-house IT infrastructure. The on-premise solution is contrasted with the cost-effective cloud solution of SAP Business One. Especially as an ERP solution for companies in the midmarket and for start-ups, SAP Business One in the cloud is a low-risk, low-cost investment. All you need is an Internet-enabled desktop or mobile device, a browser, and an Internet connection. Your own server landscapes are not necessary.

With SAP Business One Cloud, you can easily manage your entire business processes from anywhere in the world. You save resources for hardware and its operation and benefit from a clear cost structure based on the pay-per-use principle. The costs for licenses, hosting and release updates are included. Another advantage is that your business software is always automatically updated to the latest version. You do not have to calculate any additional costs for this.

Implementation of the cloud solution in self-service

The 100% remote implementation of the cloud solution also offers a significant cost saving for your company. Here, the consulting does not take place on site, but is carried out in stringent online sessions between a key user and a permanent SAP consultant from COSIB. We have designed this method, which is geared to the special requirements of implementation in small and medium-sized enterprises, based on the ASAP method. This allows you to configure your system quickly and accurately yourself. We also guide you through the installation and configuration of add-ons.

We also support you in project management. Every company is individual and has differently complex processes - with the customer-oriented project plan that we personally tailor to your requirements, you receive a structured framework and the best conditions for successful project implementation. After successful implementation and the start of live operations, you can arrange individual helpdesk services with us. Thanks to self-service implementation, you can significantly reduce the price of your SAP Business One setup. Feel free to contact our SAP experts!

Pricing for the server-based on-site solution

Cost calculation for SAP Business One as on-premise version

Digital network environment graphic

You want to buy SAP Business One (on SQL or HANA databases) as an on-premise solution? Then you should first calculate the following items:

  • The first item of the purchase price results from the costs for software or user licenses and the associated software maintenance fees per year. At SAP, the software licenses are calculated according to the number of user licenses (per user or user).
  • A second item consists of the expenses for the services of your IT consultant. This refers to the following: installation, training your employees, and consulting on how to use the business processes and functionality of the SAP Business One system for your company.
  • Depending on the situation, variable costs may be added. For example, for the transfer of your existing data or if you also decide on an SAP industry solution that is individually tailored to your business. Add-ons that you want to integrate directly also increase the costs for your individual SAP Business One system.
  • Also, don't forget that there will be your own expenses within your company. For example, for project coordination or for the required IT infrastructure. You should always take these into account.

COSIB GmbH is happy to support you throughout the entire process. We help you get started quickly, plan the implementation with you and support you in staying within your budget. Would you like to estimate in advance how much the complete SAP Business One installation will cost in your company? For your orientation we have compiled different project sizes and their costs.

Clean up legacy data before the project starts Save time and money

Before transferring from previous applications, your data should be carefully cleaned up. This will allow you to get on with your work quickly and in a structured way after implementing SAP Business One. This can save you time and money!

Consider follow-up costs Include user training in the calculation

You should also consider the follow-up costs for user training in advance. SAP Business One training is extremely important when switching to the new ERP solution so that every user in your company knows how to use it. You can keep the costs of training your employees low, for example, by having the training carried out in-house by individual employees who have previously been trained in the use of the software (so-called key user training).

Working successfully with SAP Business One Take off with the experts from COSIB


We would be happy to advise you personally on your individual costs for SAP Business One or SAP Business One HANA. As an official SAP Partner, we will be happy to show you the possibilities that SAP B1 and HANA offer specifically for your company. You can also simply test the solution beforehand without obligation.