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Coordinates all business processes as a powerful link SAP Business One Integration Framework

Today, growing companies can no longer do without a digital business integration solution that allows them to connect a wide variety of systems with each other and to exchange and synchronize data in real time between branches or countries.

The integration solution for your success SAP Integration Framework: flexible and efficient

With the SAP Business One Integration Framework (SAP B1iF), SAP has created an out-of-the-box solution that makes it possible to overcome system boundaries and thus exploit the full potential of your company. This is because SAP B1iF makes it possible to network SAP's own products as well as applications, devices and systems from other manufacturers.

B1iF can act as an integrator between SAP Business One, SAP Business All-in-One, SAP Business Suite, office systems, mobile applications, social networks, web services and cloud-based applications. The Integration Framework enables you to:

  • Integrate and coordinate business processes and functions that go beyond the core business processes, thereby reducing data inconsistencies.
  • Connect SAP Business One as a digital core to third-party systems such as e-commerce applications (online stores, marketplaces, etc.), mobile devices, etc..
  • Seamlessly connect subsidiaries, branches and partners such as suppliers, manufacturers or wholesalers and integrate them into your business processes.
  • Use pre-configured integration scenarios and flexibly adapt and expand them to meet your requirements.

Tailored to your needs: The out of the box solution

The Integration Framework is an integral part of SAP Business One. It is available to you regardless of whether you have installed the ERP system locally or use it in the cloud.
SAP Business One Integration Framework is already included in every installation and does not require an additional, cost-intensive license.

The web browser-based framework for integration provides users with numerous ready-made scenarios in an easy-to-use interface. These are already configured for a large number of different business processes and are ready for immediate use.
Simplify the control and interaction of all business areas:


Ihre individuellen Ansprüche im Fokus

In addition to the preconfigured processes, B1iF remains absolutely flexible and can be adapted to the individual requirements of your company.

In addition to the existing scenarios of the Integration Framework, a completely individual development of scenario packages is possible, which can also be configured and extended at any time. Although this customizing is demanding, it offers the opportunity to really make the most of all the advantages of  SAP Business One for your company.

Let COSIB GmbH, your competent SAP consultant, inform you about the possibilities of integration with B1iF.

We will find the process-oriented solution that suits your company and configure SAP Integration Framework according to your needs. Benefit from the experience of our team of consultants and their extensive knowledge of the requirements of various industries.

Examples of successful use of SAP B1iF

Cold storage example:
A customer places an order with a company's sales company. SAP Business One Integration Framework now generates an order at database level with the company's production company.

After production, the delivery is made to the sales company and from there to the end customer. This process, including the associated documents, is carried out automatically and posted in both systems without employees having to process further data manually.

The following demo video illustrates the logic and functionality of process management:

Take eCommerce, for example:
You have an online store or use Amazon as a sales channel, as you can reach more customers through the shipping giant's fulfillment program and benefit from fast shipping.

By linking to B1iF, all order, payment and delivery data as well as returns, e.g. from your own online store and the Amazon marketplace, can be centralized and synchronized in SAP Business One. Mobile solutions make this data available to you everywhere at a glance.

Extended functions Advantages of the SAP Business One Integration Framework 2.0

The new SAP Integration Framework Version 2.0 was introduced and rolled out with SAP B1 9.3 PLO4. It offers an alternative and even more powerful approach for creating integration scenarios.

The special feature of the new version is that it can be used at the same time as version 1.x in the same installation, regardless of the scenario, but can be used independently of it.

  • It is up to 10 times faster than the previous version, as the model runs directly on the Integration Platform.
  • The solution can be used both in the cloud and as an on-premise ERP on request.
  • The migration of scenarios from version 1 to version 2.0 runs almost fully automatically.
  • It can be installed on single-board computers for sensors and processes of IoT scenarios.

What else you should know about the parallel use of SAP Business One Integration Framework Version 1.x and 2.0. The following applies to both versions:

  1. They share the same SLD.
  2. They can be used in parallel.
  3. They are built on the same Integration Platform (SAP B1iP).
  4. Both are automatically available in the SAP B1 installation.
  5. They have an integrated development environment for scenario development.
  6. Access is possible via various URLs.
  7. They can be called up within any version.
  8. They work in parallel, without any runtime conflicts

All the advantages of SAP Business One Integration Framework at a glance

Standardized and automated processes result in many advantages and potentials for your company that make long-term growth possible:

  • Connect, coordinate and keep track of all activities and reports of all business units using SAP Business One Integration without the need for manual reconciliation or time-consuming duplication of data.
  • Improved collaboration with affiliated companies and business partners.
  • Preconfigured out-of-the-box scenarios.
  • Consistent data and high integration.
  • Avoid human error through automation: Minimize costly errors from materials management to scheduling to accounting that were previously caused by manual reconciliation and aggregation.
  • Ensure customer satisfaction with SAP Business One Service.
    Tailored to SMEs.
  • Support for different currency units.
  • Real-time updating, consolidated financial structures, consolidated sales analyses and a consolidated reporting system reveal synergy effects and simplify cross-unit decision-making processes.

    Overview of all goods depots of each individual unit - in stock, picked, ordered or available. Up-to-date planning lists and inventories.

    Full transparency of your business processes and data: Structured sales, finance and warehouse processes in real time More about SAP Business One
  • Easy customization and expandability.

    Structured program framework and developer tools.

    Fully aligned with SAP overall technologies

    Fast implementation in corporate structures Specially tailored to the requirements of SME Companies More about SAP for SMEs
  • Lightweight architecture: Operation with minimal requirements and low maintenance effort.

    Investment security: B1iF uses established integration standards (XML, XSLT, HTTP).

    SAP Integration Framework is part of the SAP Business One Cloud

    With low total cost of ownership /CTO Reduced administrative effort and no additional license required More about costs and prices

SAP Business One Integration Framework - just get it done Implementation and configuration by experts

Whether connecting third-party systems to the company software, intercompany coordination or networking different company locations: companies that want to act flexibly and grow globally benefit from SAP B1iF as "MiddleWare".
If you would also like to integrate the SAP B1i framework into your business processes, COSIB GmbH is your competent SAP partner in Germany.

With in-depth knowledge of processes and controlling, we coordinate your systems (SAP or other ERPs) to ensure a perfect fit for communication via SAP B1iF. In doing so, we ensure that the costs for maintenance, training and future updates are kept as low as possible. We realize your SAP Business One Integration Framework implementation/configuration both for your own IT infrastructure on-site (on-premises) and in the SAP Business One Cloud.