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SAP Business One Support for End-Users

SAP Business One Support

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COSIB GmbH offers technical support to SAP Business ONE users.

If you need it, please contact us by phone: +49 (0) 2161 946 397 - 0.

Support via ANYDESK

In case that we need access to your system during the support session, you must first run the ANYDESK software. The client is smaller than 2MB and works both without and with installation. The high performance with up to 60 frames per second, depending on the Internet connection, also offers a high level of user-friendliness. Other features such as drag & drop, file transfer, chat and much more are of course also on board.

To join a session, you must run the anydesk.exe file. The respective session number is then visible and this session number you call to contact our support staff. A remote connection is then established. Registration is not required to attend a meeting!

What is ANYDESK?

  • ANYDESK is an easy-to-use remote support tool.
  • Using the tool, our support consultant can assist you directly and live by allowing him to access your system.
  • ANYDESK is platform-independent, no user accounts or other, permanently stored user data is required.

Support via Remote Support Platform (RSP)

What is the Remote Support Platform (RSP)?

The Remote Support Platform (RSP) protects your system and you benefit from automated remote maintenance. The remote support platform shortens the time it takes to identify and resolve potential issues, minimizing disruptions to business and database processes.

  • The Remote Support Platform (RSP) is a prerequisite for the use of SAP's key support (Level 3 Support) and must therefore be installed and configured on your customer system.
  • No business data is read, processed, sent or stored from your system!

Main functions:

  • Your "System Status Report" enables a comprehensive system evaluation.
  • Traffic light method for the visual display of system readiness and observable areas.
  • Automatic control of important system factors, e.g. Storage space and backup status.
  • Automatic problem diagnosis and reporting without manual intervention.
  • Over 60 system diagnostics and many corrective actions.
  • Automatic software downloads.

Added value through Remote Support Platform (RSP) for you as a customer:

  • Reduce your costs (TCO) through higher operational effectiveness and shorter support times.
  • Minimize unplanned system downtime and business disruption through proactive remote maintenance.
  • Your system achieves the highest system performance, stability and improved data consistency.
  • You receive accelerated and predictable problem solutions.

All important information about Remote Support Platform (RSP) can be found here:
Frequently asked questions about RSP (FAQ as pdf document)