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UK SMEs: Do you think about a transfer to the EU? Act now and seize Brexit opportunities -

The uncertainty about the withdrawal of Great Britain from the European Union is currently pushing British and German companies to the limits of their patience and economic flexibility. Is the Brexit coming? When? With or without Deal? The biggest hurdle is the lasting lack of answers. Companies therefore have to prepare well for all eventualities in order to remain able to act in the short term.

The task is great. Among other things, additional expenses for customs and import licensing procedures, delivery delays due to border controls, unforeseeable currency fluctuations and many other relevant issues need to be taken into account. As a result, many British companies are now evaluating their Brexit opportunities and are targeting a transfer to the EU market, to avoid barriers and risks. Due to its economic stability and central location within the EU, Germany is one of the most attractive destination countries.

Brexit opportunities: Pay attention to this, if planning a transfer to the EU

In addition to the physical relocation, resources and processes must be transferred, at best modernized and prepared for the future. All this at insane speed, with high demands and low fault tolerance. In order to achieve this, you need a central system that has been tried and tested, based on state-of-the-art technologies and in which all threads come together.

Hardly any software is better suited to these requirements than SAP Business One. This gives you a business suite that is perfectly tailored to your company size and requirements and can be operated either locally - classically in your infrastructure - or in the cloud. It supports all core areas of your company with finance, sales, distribution as well as purchasing and production in many different country versions to encourage your Brexit opportunities.

These "localizations" are particularly important because with a transfer to germany, you are facing a switch of your Business to a completely different tax system. Fortunatly, the country localization for Germany immediately has all necessary modules, like:

  • E-Balance Sheet
  • VAT advance notification (Elsta)
  • Automated tax keys (also for extra-Community trade)
  • Datev interface for accountants
  • International accounting framework (IFRS)

An additional plus for your Brexit opportunities shows up with the SAP Business One intercompany solution, which enables processes to be run between different subsidiaries in different localizations and allows for financial consolidation to create financial reports for the entire organization.

SAP Gold PartnerAs COSIB GmbH we have been part of the SAP Eco-System for many years and are a certified VAR partner for both, directly installed systems (On Premise) and for systems in the cloud (OnDemand). As our customers appreciate our implementation expertise, they entrust us with new installations (for example for subsidiaries) around the globe.

The following factors speak for us:

  • Solidly managed company
  • Experienced team with a strong understanding of the product
  • Very good industry knowledge and in-depth understanding of industry requirements
  • Trusting cooperation through on-site consulting and service
  • Personal contacts (English speaking)
  • Strong eco-system for complementary solutions (hosting, hardware, compliance)
  • Regular updates on news, trends and technological developments

Set the course for your Brexit opportunities!

With SAP Business One, you rely on a proven, yet innovative, scalable system. You invest in your long-term business success far beyond the Brexit. As a specialized SAP partner, who knows the product in all its facets, we support you in the smooth implementation and through all tax-requirements, either german or english speaking. Contact us now to get individual advice!


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