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COSIB GmbH Comprehensive Managed Service for your SAP Business One environment

As a managed service provider we take over the monitoring, administration and maintenance of all software and hardware components around SAP Business One for your installation environment.

Our professional team takes care of monitoring, maintenance and service

Effective enterprise resource planning (ERP) software is at the heart of every business. However, managing and maintaining ERP software can be challenging, especially when IT resources are scarce.

As a managed service provider, we will monitor, manage and maintain your installation situation, meaning you don't have to worry about installing, configuring, troubleshooting, maintaining and updating the software yourself, while keeping your ERP software up to date. If you would like to learn more about COSIB, follow these links:

With our managed service offer, you can concentrate available IT resources on prioritised projects and at the same time ensure that your ERP software functions optimally. This saves you additional costs due to the possible need to increase the number of IT staff and makes you resilient against sudden staff shortages.

In addition, we ensure that your software functions optimally at all times and that user groups are enabled to use the software as effectively as possible through training. This can lead to higher productivity and efficiency in the company. All these benefits also have a positive effect on the earliest possible ROI.

Your benefits at a glance

  • Installation and configuration:
    As a Managed Service Partner, we install and configure your ERP software to ensure it meets the specific requirements of the business.
  • Monitoring and maintenance:
    Your installation situation is continuously monitored and potential problems are identified at an early stage. In addition, regular maintenance work is carried out to ensure that the software is always up to date and functions optimally.
  • Support:
    We provide support for questions or problems related to the ERP software. This also includes training for the company's employees to ensure that they can use the software effectively.
  • Data backup and recovery:
    Data backups are performed regularly to ensure that important data is not lost. If data loss occurs, a restore can be performed.
  • Scalability:
    We can also scale the ERP software according to the needs of your developing business environment. This is necessary so that the software can keep pace with the company's growth and contribute with all power to its success.
  • Reporting:
    You will receive regular reports on the performance of the ERP software. These reports can help the company make improvements and maximise the effectiveness of the software.
COSIB Managed IT-Dienstleistungen für SAP Business One

Overview of services and features

With our service offering, we want to ensure that SAP Business One works optimally for you at all times and that users are trained as needed to use the software efficiently. For you, this means more productivity and efficiency for your business.

Our Services in detail



  • Set-Up "Managed Server Monitoring"
    Setup of all systems incl. agent monitoring and customisation of the SAP backup on the HANA server including logging and email notification.

  • Managed Server Monitoring
    Infrastructure monitoring and backup of your server components and remote monitoring via agents 
    - Condition monitoring VI (various metrics)
    - Backup monitoring (SAP HANA application)
    - Reactive incident handling
    - Mail alerting in case of need


  • Set-Up "SAP System Health"
    Setup of back-up service "RSP Full Back-Up", "Schema Back-Up" and backup management LINUX Cron-Job.

  • SAP System Monitoring:
    - Backup management check
    - Daily Health Check SAP Environment RSP
    - SAP B1 Software Status
    - DB Information
    - Hardware Availability & OS Status
    - Business Information
    - RSP Status

  • SAP Release Management
    Update SAP server components (Linux and Windows) according to current feature pack
    (HANA DB, HANA Client, HANA Studio, B1 Server-Tools, B1 Feature Pack, B1i, DTW, RSP, B1 Server Client, Crystal Report Editor)



  • SAP AddOn Release Management
    - Elster
    - Datev
    - Electronic File Manager
    - Payment Engine
    - etc.


  • 3rd Party AddOn Release Management 
    - CRM for Outlook
    - Usability Package
    - Print & Delivery
    - Beas Manufactoring
    - etc.

These services are both time and personnel intensive with the companies' own internal resources. In order not to tie up a large part of the available capacity for generic monitoring and maintenance tasks, the use of this managed service can be of great advantage and economic value. We will be happy to provide you with a detailed offer: