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Data analysis and forecasts SAP Business One HANA

Transform your business into a real-time driven enterprise with all the benefits of the SAP Business One HANA platform: Plan and analyze in seconds!

In Realtime Simultaneous data processing with SAP Business One on HANA

Plan and simulate scenarios in seconds! Through the application, analyses are now available to you immediately. SAP HANA accelerates your system so effectively that even many parallel processes - e.g. access to the system in daily business and simultaneous analysis of large amounts of data (especially big data) - do not affect the system flow and performance.

The unique architecture of SAP Business One on HANA enables convergent OLTP and OLAP processing in a single in-memory column-based data store with ACID compliance. At the same time, data redundancy and latency are reduced to a minimum.

With SAP Business One HANA, you can take advantage of real-time analytics across your entire business environment to get the answers you need at the touch of a button - from analyzing product categories to resource planning for volume production. Your business transactions are immediately available to you.

Increase business efficiency SAP HANA Advantages

With a high return on investment through lower total cost of ownership, SAP Business One HANA is also particularly attractive in terms of price for small to midsized companies SAP B1 HANA scales with the growth of your company, as efficiency increases with the number of users - without compromising the quality and speed of your ERP system.

Benefit from the many SAP Business One HANA advantages:

  • In-memory technology: "Real-time enterprise" with the first ERP for SME, that combines both OLAP and OLTP in one system, without first having to create copies of the data to be processed.
  • Enterprise Search: Faster view of linked information in a data set for informed and fast decisions - without leaving the context of the business process.
  • APP Framework for SAP B1 HANA: "Unsolvable" requirements are solved by the "Extreme Apps powered by SAP HANA". Create your own server applications in and for HANA, without additional required application servers.
  • Live analysis and reports: Real-time simulations of events, processes and forecasts are possible with large amounts of data and especially with live data - even in parallel.

With the new in-memory database, SAP Business One HANA is thus ideally suited to help small and medium-sized enterprises make the transition to the digital economy.

If you have any questions about the features of the SAP Business One on HANA software solution or would like some advice, we'd be happy to help. Simply use our convenient Contact form! Of course, we also advise you on the SAP HANA costs. We are pleased to be able to help you with our know-how as a certified SAP Buisness One-Partner!

Application for all SAP B1 existing customers SAP HANA Analytics

SAP Business One HANA, which was originally developed as a database, was further developed into a platform only a short time later and has been expanded ever since. There are now more than 70 specific applications that stand on their own and can be used completely separately from other enterprise solutions via the open HANA platform. This also applies to the standalone application HANA Analytics (SAP Business One Analytics powered by SAP HANA).

  • Real-time comparative data replication
  • Full text search in Enterprise Search and navigation across all business objects
  • Excel reports
  • Interactive ad-hoc analyses
  • Acceleration for selected reports and real-time dashboards (inventory status, inventory status)
  • SAP Crystal Reports

The standalone nature of the solution means that companies with the Microsoft SQL version of SAP B1 can also benefit from the HANA technology of HANA Analytics and use it, including all the functions for the company's data analysis.

Benefits of Analytics Cloud

The Analytics Cloud for SAP B1 creates all the important prerequisites for the realization of a data-driven enterprise:

  • HANA Analytics is accessible to all SAP Business One customers (MS-SQL/SAP HANA and on-premise/cloud/hybrid solutions)
  • Enables even casual users to analyze their business data
  • Real-time analytical insights
  • Ready to use for existing SAP Business One customers - with no disruption to system availability
  • Get results up to 300 times faster than previous solutions
  • More than 70 specific functions

Do you have questions about SAP Business One HANA or would you like to learn more about other solutions such as SAP HANA Cloud or SAP Business One Projektmanagement? Then contact us - we will be happy to advise you individually on cloud and other solutions for your company!