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Daily warehouse processes: efficient and transparent

  • Manage storage locations, inventory, price lists and more centrally in SAP B1
  • Track stock and goods movements and control follow-up processes intelligently
  • Flexible allocation of storage bin codes and reminders for inventory cycles

Individual and results-oriented Warehouse management in SAP Business One

From inventory to stock management: optimise your company's warehouse management with SAP Business One.

Multidimensional and automated Storage location management

The storage location management in SAP Business One is suitable for medium-sized companies and start-ups as soon as stock and goods movements are to be tracked and subsequent processes are to be controlled intelligently.

It enables management per warehouse and follows a multi-dimensional principle. Each warehouse can be divided into up to four sub-levels, for example floor, area, shelf and bin. The storage location code generated in this way can be managed automatically or manually.

The bin codes can be set up with up to ten individual attributes such as weight, dimensions, packaging size and other user-defined specifications.

Serial numbers and batches can also be managed in their storage bins with SAP Business One Warehouse Management. When issuing serial numbers and batches from storage bins, you decide whether the items should be picked according to their storage bins or according to their serial numbers and batches.

Man at computer uses SAP Business One for warehouse management.

Regular inventory stock counts

Inventory cycles can be defined per warehouse, per storage location or at item level.

An alarm system for notification of items due for stocktaking informs you according to routines you choose yourself. This allows you to consistently avoid skipping counts.

In addition, it is possible to freeze items during counting and to have counting results and counting differences recorded by two different stock counters.

Your advantages with SAP B1 Warehouse Management

  • Management of fairground storage systems is made possible, along with optimisation of the use of storage space and routes.
  • The storage and retrieval process can thus be optimised.
  • Warehouses can be divided into up to 4 sub-levels.
  • Storage location codes can be set up with user-defined attributes.
  • Serial numbers and batches can be integrated.
  • There are no differences due to bookings during counting and posting of counting results.
  • Storage location functionality can be activated per warehouse.
  • Definition of inventory cycles is possible per warehouse.
  • Receive notifications for items with inventory due.
  • More flexible counting frequencies and repetition settings for the same.

Made simple: Inventory and warehouse management

The management of item and warehouse stocks, price lists, special price agreements, stock transactions as well as stock transfers between different warehouses is possible across systems and can be excellently combined with other functions, for example with SAP Business One Purchasing. Learn more about the SAP logistics software!

Do you have questions about SAP Business One Warehouse Management? As a certified SAP Partner we would be happy to advise you personally.