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Modernize your purchasing with SAP

  • Mapping of the entire procurement process within SAP B1
  • All documents and functions for procurement and MRP in one central location
  • Overview of all business processes including changed stocks in real time


From goods receipt to material requirements planning to inventory control: Optimize your processes for procurement with SAP Business One Purchasing.

TRANSPARENT MANAGEMENT Integrated and automated purchasing and procurement processes

Managing complex purchasing processes requires comprehensive integration into all relevant business processes, centrally processed data and consistent real-time transparency.

Available as an on-premise installation or cloud service, SAP Business One Purchasing provides small and midsize companies with comprehensive procurement management capabilities. It helps optimize and streamline the entire procurement process, enabling your business to work faster and more efficiently. 

From analyzing requirements for materials, to requesting and ordering from suppliers, to paying the invoice. Conveniently manage documents digitally via the ERP system for an optimized purchasing and procurement process.

With SAP Warehouse Management, you centrally control your stocks in the warehouse, track inventory movements and manage production orders based on your material requirements planning via the PPS system. Your purchasing staff is always informed about requirements and current stocks.

Your core suppliers can also receive orders linked to contracts automatically - cyclically, or as soon as stock levels in the warehouse fall. Such routine tasks tie up valuable resources. This makes operational purchasing & procurement processes even more efficient.

Internal purchase requisition

Initiate the purchasing process with an internal order request in the SAP Purchasing menu in order to generate supplier enquiries and/or purchase orders from it. This is possible both from the document and from a report. With the creation assistant for supplier requests, you can create several supplier requests at the same time, based on articles or purchase requisitions.

In addition, the requisition report gives the requisitioner an overview of the various requisitions that have been created in the company. If desired, the user is informed by e-mail or optionally via the internal messanger as soon as a purchase order is created with the supplier, based on the associated order request.

  • Automated notification of the purchasing department about items to be ordered, quantity and time frame through the system.
  • Better controlling for your company's expenses and budgets.
  • Buyers have better control and decision-making mechanisms before purchasing items and know the stock in the warehouse in real time.
  • Supports approval procedures before purchasing goods to optimise the process.

Fully automatic Post goods receipt with SAP Purchasing

Link your current goods receipts with the purchase order and keep an eye on your incoming invoice with SAP Business One for Purchasing and Procurement Processes!

  • If the quantity received in the goods receipt does not correspond to the original order, they automatically receive a feedback.

  • For items that are returned to the supplier, they simply create a return document.

  • They can partially or completely cancel quantities and prices in the Goods Receipt module of SAP Business One Purchasing.

  • Quickly create an A/P invoice with SAP Purchasing that automatically triggers a journal entry created by the application.

  • Goods receipts can optionally be posted/generated with serial batches.

  • Time- and quantity-dependent price logic is possible for framework agreements - cost control is that simple.

Landed Costs

Landed costs such as freight, customs, insurance, etc. can be assigned to the FOB costs ((Free on Board) of different items at any time. This allows you to quickly calculate the purchase price with SAP Business One for Purchasing. The actual stock value of your goods is automatically updated by the system.

Returns and exceptional expenses

SAP Business One Purchasing supports you with common processes for returns, special issues and ancillary costs incurred in the management of procurement processes.

  • When goods or services are returned, the system automatically makes the necessary adjustments to the stock and vendor balance for the corresponding supplier. For example, the data required for the credit note can be easily retrieved from the original invoice.
  • The returns function also includes note and text fields where users can justify the return to the supplier in detail.
  • To compare multiple suppliers, you need precise price knowledge and exact profitability data. SAP Business One therefore takes into account additional expenses, such as shipping and handling costs, insurance and fees that affect procurement costs
  • To ensure that these cost elements are actually reflected in the procurement costs, the application records the expenses digitally and allocates them to the individual items.

Material Requirements Planning (MRP)

Material requirements planning is an important aspect of strategic procurement. Since the demand for materials should be covered at all times in order to avoid failures, an up-to-date overview of the materials in the warehouse is just as important as the strategic planning of the demand.

With the help of intelligent material requirements planning (MRP) in the SAP Purchasing module, you replace error-prone ad-hoc solutions with structured planning processes. And all this on the basis of existing bills of materials, stock data, entries from scheduled production orders and purchase orders, as well as requirements data from actual orders and order forecasts.

Order recommendations & forecasts

With SAP Business One Purchasing's order recommendation, you can overview, order and optimise procurements. Through reliable forecast calculations, the function calculates the demand for future purchasing.

  • Order Recommendation:
    From the recommendation report, the planner can select recommended production orders and supplier enquiries as well as supplier orders and have them created automatically. If an item is to be purchased externally, production orders can be quickly and easily converted into purchase orders. 

    To streamline and optimise the procurement process, orders from the same supplier can optionally be combined into a collective order. The supplier enquiry for an order can be automated via document if contracts already exist. However, the SAP Purchasing module of the ERP system also allows manual ordering by employees. 
  • Forecast:
    Reliably predict future demand developments - based on well-founded forecasts and not only on incoming orders. The powerful analysis functions of SAP B1 HANA support you in extracting valuable information about prices, suppliers and stocks from a large amount of data. In this way, SAP B1 supports you in controlling.

    Such forecast or MRP calculations based on sales data from the past or manually entered forecast quantities help to predict the future demand for products and to design material planning accordingly. These demand forecasts can then be used for calculation in the MRP assistant.

Inventory control

Through the integrated inventory control in SAP Purchasing, you manage item master data, serial numbers and price lists, define alternative items, increase or decrease inventories, carry out periodic stocktaking and generate picking lists for open sales orders - and all this on the go with the application for smartphone and tablet. Through extensive drill-down options and interlocked databases, they filter as needed, for example, customer or item master data, as well as by source documents.

The future of procurement in SAP SAP Purchasing with SAP B1 and SAP B1 in the Cloud

Strategic and operational procurement processes become even more effective thanks to modern cloud technology and SAP Purchasing. Check your warehouse for stock and optimise your purchasing processes with analyses and forecasts within seconds.

  • With SAP Business in the HANA version, you have lightning-fast analysis and AI-supported process solutions. Based on the data, you can optimise your strategic sourcing processes and thus simplify daily operational procurement.


  • Thanks to SAP Purchasing with SAP B1 in the cloud, you and your employees have secure access to your data everywhere. In the warehouse, documents from suppliers can be checked directly and new articles can be registered in the system. Employees in purchasing have the figures available in real time at their workplace.

Your strong partner for SAP Purchasing: For procurement processes with added value

Get to know SAP Business One for Purchasing & Procurement and convince yourself of further advantages for your company: As an SAP Business One partner, we will be happy to advise you on the various solutions. Whether on your own server or with SAP Business One in the cloud: We provide you with comprehensive advice and support in implementing modular functions such as SAP warehouse management or SAP accounting. From procurement and purchasing to administration, networking, distribution and sales: the industry-specific ERP system offers concrete solutions for your company. Benefit from the digital transformation along the entire value chain with your strong SAP partner.