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Project management directly in SAP Business One

  • Fully integrated in the ERP system - no additional add-ons required
  • Mapping and checking the entire project process from planning to completion
  • High level of transparency and clear presentation of all processes for well-founded decisions

SAP Business One Projectmanagement

Perfectly tailored to the needs of small and medium-sized enterprises: Optimise your corporate IT now and benefit from the project management module integrated in SAP Business One!

Project- & solution-oriented Integrated project management module for SMEs

As of version 9.2, SAP Business One includes the project management module. The module is specially adapted to the needs of small and medium-sized companies. In particular, project-oriented companies, for example in plant construction or the service sector, benefit from this solution for their management.

Due to the complete integration into the ERP, no further interfaces or add-ons are required; the user receives a clear and uniform management of business partners, project and master data as well as full cost transparency for projects directly in SAP Business One.

Transparent Project planning and control

Use SAP Business One Project Management to map, realise and check the complete project handling from planning to completion. All transactions, resources, workflows and activities are clearly summarised in the module. This allows you to monitor all developments and progress of tasks, project stages and phases within SAP Business One at any time. The high level of transparency makes it easier for you to plan projects and, if necessary, intervene in current processes to correct or control them.

SAP Business One Projektmanagement Systemansicht

Well-founded and quick Making decisions

The integration of project management significantly reduces the administrative effort compared to separate solutions. All master data such as processes, order data, costs and much more only have to be created once in the system and are then available for all applications and evaluations. Revenues, completed services and consumed resources are also recorded in the system and stored for your management of the projects. This reduces administrative effort and input errors. Use (template) profiles to create new projects quickly and efficiently.

SAP Business One Project Management provides clear project evaluations based on all data at the push of a button. Based on the evaluations and up-to-date information, authorised users can make quick and well-founded decisions in their respective areas. Thanks to the project management module, SAP Business One pays off for companies after a short time.


SAP Business One project management for diverse applications

SAP Business One Project Management is suitable for all "classic" industries that require well-founded project planning and control, such as mechanical and plant engineering or major projects in the energy sector. The module is also suitable, for example, for:

  • Planning and execution of trade fairs, events and exhibitions
  • Planning of prototypes or sample development
  • Software development and creation
  • Handling of complex processes in different sectors
  • Website conception and creation
  • Product lifecycle monitoring

Advantages of the project management module

  • All project, task and employee data in direct access, also possible independent of time and location (mobile) via web client
  • Definition of processes and tasks within projects with efficient cost calculation
  • Project planning with phase structure for hierarchical structuring of complex projects, incl. graphic representation (Gantt chart)
  • Up-to-date and accurate project-based activity recording with detailed overview of finances and resources
  • Planning of activities, tasks and deadlines from within the project with easy monitoring of open tasks
  • Distinction between internal and external projects
  • Phase-based purchasing processes and billing wizard for billing services according to deadlines (milestones)
  • Comparison of budget costs with current, actual project costs, plus internal and external activity allocation, including travel expense accounting

Get to know SAP Business One project management and more

With SAP Business One, you not only control your project management, but also keep an optimal overview of your SAP accounting and reports. Do you have any questions or would you like to get to know SAP Business One Project Management better? As your SAP Business One partner, we will be happy to advise you!