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Optimize your accounting with SAP Business One

  • With SAP B1: financial accounting, bookkeeping, preparation of annual financial statements and more
  • Clear mapping of all business processes and documents
  • Set up accounts, check invoices or plan budgets with just a few clicks


Use the SAP accounting software solution for your accounting and financial planning success - complete with all reports and tools!

Finance & Analysis How does SAP Business One help you with financial planning?

SAP Business One facilitates all financial processes: from keeping the general ledger, daily accounting, checking invoices and budget planning to account set-up and maintenance. With this ERP you have all data for accounting and financial accounting in one place - including all reports and tools as well as a practical DATEV interface.


This is what the accounting software does for your company

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The powerful SAP Business One software has many functions ready for your company. Whether you want to manage your company finances or analyse data: all the necessary tools and processes are already integrated in the standard. This means that accounting, charts of accounts or, for example, the management of accruals and deferrals can be completed in no time at all. The individual functions interlock seamlessly. Important data can be retrieved for each function - monthly or annually, as you wish.

  • Accounting:
    The software already provides you with standard templates for charts of accounts for the most common scenarios. This gives you a quick start in accounting right from the beginning. In addition to the templates, you can of course also create individual charts of accounts that are precisely adapted to your business requirements. It is also possible to adopt charts of accounts from your tax advisor.
  • Journal entries::
    In addition the SAP software also offers process automation options, for the efficient handling of accounting transactions: Journal entries it creates automatically for transactions in sales, purchasing and bank settlements. You can create your own journal entries and search for existing journal entries. Automatically assign each transaction to a project or profit centre.
  • Quick drilldown:
    At the transaction level, SAP Business One accounting software allows you to drill down quickly and easily: For example, if a journal entry for a sales transaction is displayed, you can easily navigate to the chart of accounts information. Zooming into hierarchical data is easy.
  • Complete chart of accounts:
    In the chart of accounts you can also drill down to the individual transactions that make up the respective balances. The chart of accounts forms the basis for report generation and all postings of your company. You simply adapt the different levels to your usual business processes.
  • PRAP & ARAP:
    SAP Business One also offers useful tools in this area, such as the automated reposting of revenues or expenses to accrual and deferral accounts or the accrual-based back posting according to variable period parameters, taking into account periods that have already been closed.

    This add-on is used by those responsible in financial accounting. The introduction of the functionality requires a handling concept adapted to each company as well as the set-up of the corresponding accounts.
  • Profit centre & report:
    SAP also simplifies accounting and financial management in other ways with the Business One software: you can create different departments or profit centres individually with little effort and simply assign the expense accounts from the chart of accounts to a predefined profit centre.

    With the help of the report, you can then run a simple profit and loss statement. Each report is based on direct and indirect costs and revenues and can be queried annually or monthly for individual profit centres.
  • Budgets
    You can define, manage and reconcile budgets with general ledger accounts and split payments - even in different currencies. The ERP's alarm functions warn of monthly budget overruns.
  • Accounting templates
    You can set different account templates for the general ledger with just a few clicks. This not only saves you time. You also avoid error-prone journal entries that can occur with manual entry.


Well integrated

With these interfaces you remain flexible

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SAP Business One for Finance and Analytics not only has a strong core, but also has well-integrated interfaces. Thus, the data transfer to other, official financial programmes works without any problems.

    You have the option of completing your tax return electronically with the data from SAP Business One - SAP also facilitates accounting tasks with such functions. Simply submit your tax details online.
  • Bank processing
    The integrated banking solution handles all payment transactions, such as incoming and outgoing payments, transfers, credit card payments, advance payments and reconciliation of accounts.
  • With this interface, journal entries created in the system can be exported and transferred to your tax advisor for further processing. For payroll accounting, all data from SAP Business One can also be exported via the interface so that your tax consultant can carry out the payroll accounting for you in his DATEV payroll system.

    DATEV-EXPORT Export of all tax-relevant accounting data from SAP B1 to your tax advisor More about DATEV-Export
  • The payroll accounting DATEV-HR supports you in your payroll process if your tax office or, if applicable, you yourself carry out the payroll accounting via the DATEV applications Wage and Salary or LODAS. For this purpose, you can transfer employee information stored in the personnel master that is relevant for payroll accounting.

    DATEV-HR: PAYROLL Export of payroll-relevant information from SAP B1 More about SAP Business One
  • You can use this interface to transfer financial data created in SAP Business One to the DATEV accounting system. For example, you can transfer the data to the DATEV system or make it available to your tax advisor in DATEV mail format.

    DATEV-FI: INTERFACE Export relevant financial data to your tax advisor More about the DATEV-FI interface
Well informed at any time:

Comprehensive reports for financial planning

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SAP Business One also provides interfaces for your reporting. Whether you want to quickly merge large amounts of data or create financial reports in real time. SAP offers you a powerful solution for this.

  • SAP CRYSTAL Reports
    You can generate financial reports in real time with SAP Crystal Reports using a variety of predefined report templates. The reports can be used in the format that suits you best, e.g. as Adobe PDF, Microsoft Word, Excel or XML. Thanks to the comprehensible reports, you can see the current status of your company at a glance and adjust your financial planning in real time.
  • Data analysis on a large scale
    With the SAP Lumira add-on solution for SAP Business One, you can easily merge large amounts of data from different business units, locations and subsidiaries. Without additional costs or long waiting times, you examine and prepare data yourself, create appealing and interactive data stories and share them securely with your team.

Test Now! Make your accounting easier and more efficient with SAP

Our conclusion: With SAP ERP software, you can conveniently control all of your company's accounting processes from one central system. Accounting, finance, controlling, accounts payable and many other financial processes are carried out completely smoothly with the IT solutions from SAP. Thanks to easy-to-understand reports, you always know where your company currently stands.

Use your full potential! Do you have any questions or would you like more information about SAP and accounting? We will be happy to advise you on your individual options, integrate the flexible SAP ERP system into your existing IT landscape and train your employees in the use of the software. The comprehensive ERP is easy to learn for users in any operating department - whether tax, HR or sales.