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  • Cloud

    SAP Business One Cloud is the perfect solution for all entrepreneurs who want to manage their business processes quickly and effortlessly and control them from any location. All you need is an Internet-enabled device with a browser.

    Cloud More about SAP Business One Cloud
  • On Premise

    With the OnPremise Verison of SAP Business One, you purchase the required software licenses and maintain system and company data entirely yourself.

    On Premise More about SAP Business One On Premise
  • Mobil

    For your SAP Business One application there is additionally a mobile application for mobile devices fully integrated into the backend system. With this mobile application you and your sales team are always connected - and always well informed

    Mobil More about the SAP Business One Mobile App

"Time is money," as Benjamin Franklin already knew. Entrepreneurs in particular don't want to give away either one or the other through complicated business processes or an ineffective data structure. With SAP Business One, the fully integrated ERP solution, you can save a lot of time and thus costs in your entrepreneurial tasks and reduce your administrative effort to a minimum.

The clever and, above all, affordable software solution has been specially developed for small and medium-sized enterprises . Thus, the ERP system from SAP supports small and medium-sized companies in many industries to use their resources optimally and to control them centrally.

The SAP system for SMEs is located on just one server and fits seamlessly into the standard Microsoft Windows network in the company. This means it can be quickly integrated into the existing IT landscape. In particular, the SAP Business One Cloud solution paves the way for SMEs to more efficient processes without prior investment costs in their own infrastructure.

All accounting processes can also be designed consistently and effectively with SAP Accounting. And with the SAP Business One Purchasing function, you can handle your merchandise management automatically. So manage all areas of your business easily and effectively with SAP's ERP for midsize or small businesses!

Making the most of resources in small or medium-sized enterprises Good reasons for the use of an ERP system in medium-sized businesses

ERP stands for "Enterprise Resource Planning" and describes the entrepreneurial task of planning and controlling necessary resources according to demand. ERP systems, such as SAP B1, are software solutions for small and medium-sized companies that enable those responsible to plan, manage and control complex entrepreneurial and operational processes.

Nevertheless, company management is still currently carried out via many programs that are not networked with each other. This makes controlling enterprise-wide business and management processes and synchronizing systems difficult.

However, ERP systems for SMEs are now used as modern software solutions in many industries and business fields. The trend is increasing, because the advantages of an integrated software solution for SMEs and small businesses are obvious. In addition, the technologies today are precisely adaptable to your industry, your business and your existing IT systems through modules.

Are you ready for the digital reboot? Convince yourself of the comprehensive functions for your company or benefit from the possibilities in project management with SAP Business One and experience many other advantages of the ERP system from SAP!

Your Benefits:

Here is what SAP Business One for you!

  • Increase efficiency

    SAP Business One streamlines and automates your business processes. All operational processes along the value chain are linked and clearly mapped. So you can make decisions based on real-time information and drive profitable business [growth]. All from a central software that grows with you and your business.

    Increase efficiency More efficiency thanks to ERP system
  • Optimize processes

    The ERP system from SAP provides you with a uniform solution for all tasks in all departments. By using a uniform database as well as a flexible, modular and powerful structure, you have all processes in view at all times and can react to changes at short notice. The ideal interface between your company, your customers and suppliers.

    Optimize processes Lean processes with modern solutions
  • Promote competitiveness

    Respond quickly and comprehensively to new requirements, customer needs, or changing market conditions. SAP ERP solutions give you a consistent and accurate view of your current business and potential trends. Anytime from any connected device. Reduce the cost of running your SME and take pole position in the competition!

    Promote competitiveness Bleiben Sie wettbewerbsfähig

Easy integration:

Very short implementation time of SAP Business One

In just two to eight weeks, you and all your employees will be productive with SAP Business One software. The intuitive user interface makes it very easy to get started - our satisfied customers confirm this time and again. The individual processes can be personalized by the respective user without any further technical knowledge. The effort and cost of integrating heterogeneous stand-alone solutions is eliminated. This is the most efficient way to expand your market position in the midmarket.

Benefit from the service advantages of COSIB:

  • Individual solutions: We advise you on the best ERP solution for your company. Whether PPS system for production including intelligent material planning (SAP-MRP), IT solution for warehouse management or ERP software for medium-sized service providers: we have the right system for you.
  • From implementation to application: We install the system on site and train your employees. After a short time, your ERP system is ready to go.
  • Flexible financing: Various financing models are available: purchase, leasing and rental.
  • Everything from a single source: Rent software including infrastructure. Particularly suitable for small and medium-sized businesses: SAP, server and hosting from a single source.
  • Fast support: We provide fast and comprehensive remote support for effortless innovations, shorter downtimes and simple upgrade processes.

Profit from our experience! We have been active in the development of business software solutions for over 35 years.
Are you a medium-sized or small business owner and would like to know how exactly an ERP system from SAP can support your company?

Contact the experts at COSIB - during a detailed consultation, we will be happy to discuss the possibilities and opportunities for your personal business strategy.

Benefits of a modern software solution

New solutions increase the productivity of medium-sized companies

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It is now no longer even necessary to sit in the office to work: Mobile data access for field staff is easily possible via smartphone and iPad or iPhone apps and an on-demand webshop via cloud. Enterprise resource planning and accounting are fully integrated. This makes SAP B1 as ERP software for medium-sized businesses a strong and reliable partner in all areas of the company. In the office, remotely or mobile.

Move into the fast lane! The comprehensive SAP Business One functions support you in process optimization in the following areas:

  • Sales & Distribution

    Manage and control your infrastructure and business processes anytime, anywhere. With an IT solution in the cloud, SAP Business One Cloud gives you new ways to manage your business based on performance and independent of time or location.

    Sales & Distribution More about Sales and distribution
  • Procurement

    With the help of SAP Business One, your purchasing staff can manage all transactions with your suppliers, from ordering and processing returns to payments and credit notes. Everything is automated, fast and clear.

    Procurement More about procurement
  • Warehouse management

    The storage bin­management in SAP Business One enables the management of storage bins in the multi-­dimensional principle. It allows managing item and warehouse inventories, price lists, inventory ­transactions as well as stock transfers between different warehouses.

    Warehouse management More about warehouse management
  • Production & Manufacturing

    Thanks to the system-wide integrated enterprise resource planning system, production and manufacturing companies work much more efficiently. Strategic material requirements planning incorporates all business processes, including production control.

    Production & Manufacturing More about PPS
  • Service & Support

    SAP Business One Service bietet Ihnen ein vollständig integriertes Kundenservice-Modul. Dadurch lassen sich Kundenakquise, Kundentreue und Rentabilität der Kunden­beziehung umfassend und gezielt steuern.

    Service & Support More about Service und Support
  • Project Management

    The project ­management function integrated in SAP Business One supports the work of small and medium-sized companies in the service ­sector in particular. You can map complex workflows, plan project budgets or make status inquiries.

    Project Management More about project management
  • Finance & Analysis

    SAP Business One facilitates all financial processes, such as general ledger accounting, account setup and maintenance, and cost accounting. Interfaces for DATEV export and ELSTER complement the business accounting and electronic tax declaration.

    Finance & Analysis More about finance and analysis
  • Asset Accounting

    SAP Business One offers fully integrated and simple management of property, plant and equipment. You get a variety of practical tools to help you keep track of all assets.

    Asset Accounting More about fixed asset accounting
  • Material requirement planning

    With the integrated SAP MRP Wizard, you can create material requisitions at the company level or for specific warehouses.

    Material requirement planning More about Material requirement planning

Reduce costs, generate added value With SAP, you continuously move small and midsize companies forward

Controlling made easy! SAP Business One provides you with central data management and integrated controlling elements. With this software, you can effectively bring together all relevant business documents and information from all areas in real time. This means: You have immediately  all relevant business functions at hand and can make quick decisions.

React immediately to the changing requirements of your customers or master new challenges on the market in no time at all! Thanks to the modern ERP system from SAP, your work will be enormously simplified in all of your company's processes. And while you reduce your costs, you also generate added value for your business and your customers.

Screenshot of SAP Business One ERP-System for midsized companies

Crystal Reports With SAP Business One you can easily create reports

SAP Business One provides fully integrated reporting and financial analysis tools. This allows you to access up-to-date financial and operational data in real time and easily create your own dashboards. The Drag & Relate feature allows users to select a data field online with the click of a mouse, which can be dragged onto virtually any existing menu item.

Instantly receive a clear report showing the results of the selected field's relationship to the menu item. Quick-to-enter graphs and tables provide a clear overview. Easy-to-use and meaningful real-time reporting - this makes Crystal Reports for SAP Business One the ideal tool for small and medium-sized businesses.

Screenshot of Crystal Reports für SAP B1

Tip: To merge and analyze large amounts of data with impressive visual presentation and then securely share data stories with your team, SAP Analytics Cloud is recommended as a complementary solution for SAP Business One.

Kundenbeziehungsmanagement inklusive Integrated CRM for the full satisfaction of your partners and customers

SAP Business One is the only ERP software solution for small and medium-sized enterprises that also integrates CRM (customer relationship management). Use the SAP Business One service functions to make your customer relations processes ideal and systematic. Forecast overviews with future sales figures can be called up here just as quickly as past performance data.

You can save the e-mails of your partners and customers -for example from Outlook or other e-mail services -as activities. Calendars can be synchronized and documents from MS-Office can be assigned to a business partner. This way you optimize your reaction and delivery speed and improve your customer orientation. And it's easy to do directly within your ERP software.

Screenshot of CRM functions within the ERP system for small businesses

Connecting multiple branches Simply act locally and globally

Are you looking for ERP systems that you not only want to use at your main location, but with which you can also easily connect other locations in Germany and abroad? No problem for SAP Business One! The ERP software gives you the possibility to connect several branches and to merge the data of all locations at the head office. In addition, the ERP system for small businesses and midsize companies is available in 28 languages, 50 localized versions and with support for multiple currencies. So nothing stands in the way of your international business. 

Watch the video below to learn how the SAP ERP system can help you connect, manage and control multiple branch offices.

Of particular interest to SMEs operating internationally, you can specify multiple units of measure (MEs) for individual items within the same transaction. In doing so, global and product-specific MEs provide a high degree of operational flexibility for small businesses that buy, sell, ship, and receive their products on a global scale. Variable pricing aligned with specific MEs? Automated conversion of units of measure in transaction processing? All of this is possible!

SAP Business One is equipped with an unlimited number of global and product-specific units of measure such as length, width, volume and weight. All units of measure can be assigned to a specific ME code and name. This effective computing in the ERP system offers the highest possible flexibility to small and medium-sized companies that operate locally and globally. This allows you to concentrate on the essentials and strengthen your position in international competition.

Always informed Approval procedures (workflows) and alarms

With the SAP Business One software offer, entrepreneurs can manage business transactions individually. You can monitor your business around the clock, quickly learn about specific events and news, respond to them promptly, and make notifications. You can flag activities for tracking using the extensive features and take immediate corrective action if necessary.

With COSIB as SAP partner

Exactly tailored to your needs and expandable

Digital abstract space for digitization with ERP software SAP Business One

Whether industry or trade, manufacturing or services: As ERP software for medium-sized and small companies SAP B1 offers reliable industry solutions for many areas of application. By default, the system contains all important core functions. Add-ons and modules can be used to extend the range of functions as required.

There are now more than 500 add-ons from SAP partners that enable perfect adaptation to the requirements of your company. Use your full potential and adapt your new ERP software exactly to the needs of your company! Our specialists at COSIB will be happy to ensure a seamless connection to your system.

As an official SAP partner COSIB offers you the optimal solution from SAP: medium-sized and small companies can use the software to make their enterprise resource planning (ERP) much more efficient and gain more flexibility and control over their business. Is SAP Business One also something for your company? Simply test the system free of charge! The SAP experts at COSIB will be happy to advise you. We look forward to hearing from you.