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Mailchimp Integration für SAP Business One

B1 Mailchimp Integrated e-mail marketing with SAP Business One

The B1 MailChimp module enables synchronization between contacts in SAP Business One and newsletter recipients in MailChimp while creating custom campaigns.

Advanced email marketing with MailChimp and SAP

With B1 MailChimp from Boyum IT you can seamlessly integrate MailChimp into your SAP Business One System. This way you get a powerful tool for your email marketing. The module is part of Boyum IT's B1 Usability Package and offers you synchronization between contacts in SAP Business One and newsletter recipients in MailChimp. Create your own email campaigns thanks to easy-to-use newsletter tools in MailChimp and easily inform your customers and partners about news, special offers and everything worth knowing about your company.

B1 MailChimp - Your advantages at a glance

  • Seamless integration of Boyum B1 MailChimp module into your SAP Business One system
  • Easy synchronization of contacts in SAP BO and newsletter recipients in MailChimp
  • Free web service for up to 2,000 recipients - best suited for small and medium sized businesses
  • Easy and fast setup of professional HTML email campaigns
  • Email and campaign overview with easy-to-use analysis tools
  • Information about undeliverable emails and other errors directly in Sap Business One

Easy synchronization of contacts

When synchronizing contacts, you have the option to add your contacts to your MailChimp recipient list directly in SAP Business One - either individually or several at once. You can also update MailChimp recipient lists directly from SAP Business One.

Adding contacts from SAP Business One to MailChimp

Digression: What is MailChimp?

MailChimp is an email marketing platform and is one of the most successful email marketing tools with more than 12 million users. The popular application is free up to 2,000 email recipients and 12,000 emails sent per month. It offers various templates numerous customization options.

HTML emails can be created for devices with different screen resolutions. After each mailing, you can then use detailed MailChimp reports to determine the effectiveness of your email campaign. This makes MailChimp a suitable email marketing tool for many SME companies.

Are you interested in B1 Mailchimp with SAP Business One to make your email marketing easier and more professional? Are you interested in CRM software for small and medium-sized businesses? Then contact our consulting team.