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CRM for Outlook for SAP Business One


CRM for Outlook is an external, multifunctional add-on that links Outlook and SAP Business One functionalities and makes workflows more efficient and easier. The features go far beyond sales support.

Why use SAP & Outlook?

  • Better collaboration in sales and across departments
  • Simple workflows without switching to another system
  • Higher productivity thanks to centralization of data
  • Cost and time savings due to easy handling

Many self-employed people as well as managers of small and medium-sized companies manage their contacts and customer data as well as e-mail traffic with Outlook. There are some good reasons for this: Outlook is easy to use and widely available, which eliminates training time for new employees. In addition, it is already available in many companies as part of the Office 365 package. For this purpose, we offer the optional add-on CRM for Outlook, which supplements the basic functions such as mails from Outlook.

In addition, the add-on enables integration with the SAP Business One CRM module. A wealth of functions ensures a bidirectional exchange and tracking of master data, activities, tasks, orders and key figures between SAP Business One CRM and Microsoft Outlook. In addition, business partner data is automatically synchronized between SAP and Outlook on an ongoing basis. We would be happy to take care of the CRM Outlook integration and provide you with detailed information on the application.

Infographic - Benefits of the SAP Add-on CRM for Outlook

Improved capabilities in Outlook

  • The affordable and proven add-on integrates easily and turns SAP and Outlook into a powerful customer care tool.
  • Users can thus work with the familiar Microsoft Office 365 environment.
  • An expensive and non-integrated CRM solution with individually programmed interface is no longer necessary.
  • At the same time, documentation in SAP Business One is guaranteed.

Your benefits with CRM for Outlook

People meet in the middle of arrows

The add-on enables the user to execute and maintain important functions of SAP in Outlook in the areas of sales, support, purchasing and management board - directly and uncomplicated. Whether emails to the team lead or management of contracts, the features of the Office Integration offer you many advantages.

  • Reduce time and costs
    Thanks to the clear structure of the CRM Cockpit in Outlook, employees can quickly call up all important information directly in Outlook. Simultaneous updates in the SAP B1 system save you time and money.
  • Edit documents together
    CRM for Outlook enables joint editing of contact and business partner data, eliminating outdated and duplicate versions. This makes assignment easier.
  • Maintained and always up-to-date
    This way, not only is SAP Business One better accepted by your colleagues and employees, but all your master and contact data is also continuously updated and maintained throughout the company.
  • Work in a familiar environment
    With the CRM for Outlook add-on, users who want to work in the familiar Outlook environment can continue to do so without losing documentation in SAP Business One.

What the CRM can do for Outlook Functions of the Add-on at a glance

SAP and Outlook inspire together with a variety of user-friendly possibilities. What the Add-on can do:

Direct and easy business partner management

  • Maintain business partners, opportunities, leads, quotes, orders, activities, and any contact directly in Outlook. Easily create new sales opportunities in Sales.
  • This saves time, because all documents, e-mails, contacts and data are always up to date company-wide as well as uncomplicated  and available at any time.


Fast and easy Office integration and use

  • The add-on can be quickly installed in Outlook and integrated into your SAP Business One system - so you are productive with CRM for Outlook in the fastest way.
  • Data and documents can be opened in SAP Business One directly from Outlook with one click. This saves time researching the information you need in SAP Business One.

Manage business partners easily with SAP Outlook

Geschäftspartner verwalten in CRM for Outlook
Tracking zu allen Kontakten in CRM for Outlook

Transparency by tracking contacts and sharing activities

  • Link emails directly to SAP Business One records (orders, contracts, activities, etc.) to easily maintain customer history. Through a shared timeline, all activities of the processed contact are shared not only with Team Leads, but with every employee. Maximum usability through customization.

Maximum usability through customization

  • Customize the functions to meet your needs: Custom information from SAP Business One can be displayed directly in the Outlook menu when an email arrives.
  • Custom dashboards simplify analysis processes and provide a quick source of information for key metrics.

Work in familiar Office 365 application

  • Create and send emails with SAP and Outlook as you always have.
  • The familiar Microsoft Office 365 interface allows the user to work with the add-on without extensive training.
The add-on can do even more

Additional features of CRM for Outlook

CRM for Outlook - Male in the middle of puzzle pieces

Additional integrations can further optimize your daily work routines with SAP and Outlook. Benefit additionally from the following features:

  • Manage campaigns and add contacts directly from MailChimp lists.
  • Call your contacts directly with Skype or Skype for Business.
  • You can view directions on Google Maps.
  • Open business partner websites directly in the default browser with one click.
  • Also view LinkedIn profiles and call them directly in the browser.
  • Easily add profiles for other social networks like Xing or Facebook.

Do you have questions about CRM for Outlook? As an SAP-Partner, we will be happy to provide you with comprehensive advice on the application and take care of integration into your SAP Business One.