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CRM for Outlook

SAP Business One - Outlook Integration

CRM for Outlook enables the bidirectional exchange of master data, activities, tasks, orders and key figures between SAP Business One CRM and Microsoft Outlook. In addition, business partner data is automatically synchronized between SAP Business One and Outlook on an ongoing basis.

Why use Outlook as CRM?

Many self-employed as well as small and medium-sized companies manage their contacts and customer data as well as the e-mail traffic with Outlook. There is a number of good reasons for that: Outlook is easy to use and widely used, eliminating the need to familiarize new employees. Moreover, as part of the Office package, it already exists in many companies.

For this we offer the optional add-on CRM for Outlook, which complements the basic functions of Outlook and allows integration into the SAP Business One CRM module. An expensive and non-integrated CRM solution with individually programmed interface is not necessary. The cheap and proven add-on is easy to integrate and makes MS Outlook a powerful tool for customer care.

Improved possibilities in Outlook

The add-on enables Sales, Support, Purchasing and Board members to execute and maintain important SAP Business One tasks directly in Outlook. You can save time and prevent inconsistencies through your SAP Business One system. With the CRM for Outlook add-on, users who want to work in the familiar Outlook environment can continue working without neglecting the documentation in SAP Business One. In this way, SAP Business One is not only better accepted by your employees, but all your master data and contact data are continually updated and maintained throughout the company.

Thanks to the clear structure of the CRM cockpit in Outlook, employees can quickly access all important information directly in Outlook.

Features and Benefits of the Add-on:

  • Maintain business partners, contacts, opportunities, quotes, orders and activities directly in Outlook. This saves time and all data is always up to date throughout the company.
  • Create and send emails in Outlook as you always do.
  • Link emails directly to SAP Business One records (orders, contracts, activities, etc.) to easily maintain customer history. Through a common timeline, all activities of the edited contact are shared with each employee.
  • Easily create new sales opportunities.
  • CRM for Outlook allows collaborative editing of contact and business partner data, eliminating obsolete and duplicate versions.
  • Data can be opened directly from Outlook with one click in SAP Business One. This saves time to research the required information in SAP Business One.
  • The add-on can be quickly installed in Outlook and integrated into your SAP Business One system - so you are productive with CRM for Outlook as quickly as possible.
  • The familiar interface allows the user to work with the add-on without extensive training.
  • Customize the functions to suit your needs: Custom information from SAP Business One can be displayed directly in the Outlook menu when an e-mail is received.
  • Own dashboards facilitate analysis and provide a quick source of information for key metrics.

Further integrations optimize your daily work routines: 

  • Directions can be viewed on Google Maps.
  • Contacts can be called directly with Skype or Lync.
  • The website of the corresponding business partner can be opened directly in the selected standard browser.
  • LinkedIn profiles can also be viewed and accessed directly in the browser.
  • Campaign management and adding contacts to MailChimp lists is possible.

View and track recent activity on contacts

View and track recent activity on contacts

Manage business partners easily

Manage business partners easily
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