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Trading Companies / Wholesale

SAP ERP System and ERP Solution for Wholesale & Import

SAP ERP System and ERP Solution for Wholesale & Import

Trading companies must constantly adapt to new market situations and are subject to intense competitive pressure. It is therefore important for wholesalers, retailers and importers to use every opportunity to remain competitive in the future. In addition to the development and expansion of new sales channels, above all strategic process optimization offers target-oriented potential. Investing in an intelligent merchandise management system, which maps and supports all processes in retail companies, is indispensable for a positive development of the company.

SAP Business One for Wholesale and Distribution

SAP Business One meets the special requirements of small and medium-sized businesses that want to develop. As a globally established platform, SAP B1 offers the essential investment security so that the desired goal can be successfully achieved in the long term.

Specially tailored to the specific needs of SMEs in wholesale or import, SAP's IT solution supports the smooth handling of all purchasing and sales processes, the storage of all relevant master data as well as the preparation of offers, forecasts, orders, delivery notes and invoices as well as an intelligent one Warehousing and various functions for data evaluation and search in the big data area. SAP Business One also offers a high degree of configurability, which results in a wide range of possible applications in companies of all sizes and industries. Thus, the software solution for the merchandise management in the food wholesaling can be used just as accurately as in the textile, raw materials or pharmaceutical wholesaling as well as in the import trade.

The main features of the software for retail companies

The ERP system for wholesale depicts all wholesale processes in the standard system, starting with the processes for finance and sales, supporting customer management and purchasing, to warehouse management and picking or final assembly. Batch management is integrated. You can create your own prices for individual customers and customer groups and easily maintain your own scale prices.

Likewise, assemblies and bills of material can be mapped using SAP Business One. Multi-channel trading is also easily possible: the ERP software centrally records various sales channels and goods movements. International companies are supported by features such as multicurrency conversion (including within a business process), multilingualism, tax and legal country localization and automatic calculation of exchange rate differences.

Processes can thus be easily automated and significantly accelerated. The reduced administration effort and the minimized error rate can save costs and reduce losses.

Distribution & Sales

  • Quotation, convert quotes into sales orders, delivery planning
  • Demand Planning and Supply Tracking
  • Update inventory
  • Reliably handle invoices and accounts receivable
  • Customer / product / season-dependent price list control
  • Multi-currency function, manual or automatic currency conversion based on the address of the document recipient
  • Credit limit check
  • EDI connection of trading partners via the included B1 Integration Server (EDIFACT, other formats)
  • Framework contract management, retrieval from framework contracts
  • eCommerce: Webshop and marketplace integration for multi-channel distribution, alignment of orders and stock levels, automated processes from customer order to shipping and finance

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Modul

  • CRM system with campaign management, sales funnel and customer segmentation
  • Contact management
  • Communication management with resubmissions
  • Service function (for example, provision of commercial and / or technical services, eg exchange, delivery, spare parts procurement, installation, repair)
  • Information and advisory function (information about product features and uses)

Warehouse Management & Logistics

  • Inventory and warehouse management (storage and retrieval)
  • Multi-dimensional storage space management (e.g., floor, area, shelf, space)
  • Integrated picking and packing function (pick-by-scan support)
  • Serial and batch number tracking
  • Mobile posting (for transfer processes)
  • FIFO handling
  • Connection to supplier portals and forwarding agents, forwarding
  • Returns Management

Finance and Analysis

  • Full financial accounting
  • Interfaces: DATEV-HR, DATEV-FI, DATEV-Export, ELSTER (german regulation; further interfaces on request)
  • Booking templates and integrated bank processing
  • Deferred income (PRAP)
  • Prepaid expenses (ARAP)
  • Illustration of bonus and penalty agreements
  • Integrated analysis and reporting with SAP HANA

More functions

  • Fully integrated document management with Block List/ Sanction List comparison and data protection
  • Integrated Asset Accounting
  • Mobile App
  • Enhanced customizing with additional add-ons possible, such as B1 Usability Package, CRM for Outlook, B1 Mailchimp Integration for Email Marketing

The ERP software for Wholesale and Distribution

The ERP and merchandise management system with SAP Business One supports retail companies in the B2B as well as in the B2C area. With the basic functions such as CRM, document management, service management and human resources, SAP Business One gives you a complete system for wholesale / import.