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Project Manufacturing ERP Software

project manufacturing software

Target group

SAP industry solution for the typical requirements of small and medium-sized plant manufacturers with project-oriented procurement and production. The solution can be used profitably in companies from 3 workplaces. On average, about 10 workstations are equipped with the solution, it can easily run installations with about 50 jobs. In addition, the industry solution can also be used successfully at affiliated companies on an international basis - ideal conditions for growing small and medium-sized companies.

The industry solution

With SAP Business One for plant engineering, the decision-relevant information of the company is available to you in one system. A decisive advantage, because the industry solution can be used quickly without any adjustments. The operation is identical and easy to understand for all employees. This saves you time and money - from day one.

Your Advantages

Because all of the company's business processes are integrated into the industry solution and are handled in one system, this information is immediately informative at any time. This includes: main project planning, departmental planning, budget planning from existing projects or project templates up to assembly and acceptance, including a web-enabled time recording. Information about the financial situation of the company, or the current status of a project are thus directly available, but also serve as forward-looking forecast information.

  • Increase project margins
    Accurate calculation and online cost control. The combination of integrated project and capacity planning makes early delays visible. Extended maintenance planning and service management are integrated.
  • Project - Resource Planning
    Project planning using a Gantt chart that includes all relationships, milestones, delivery dates, billing dates, materials and work.
  • Easier calculation
    Create new projects in minutes. Either from templates or by simply copying existing projects or project templates.
  • Material planning
    Link between material requirements and project activities or project phases. Purchasing and production can be triggered on an ad hoc basis. The integrated service management allows the tracking of maintenance plans and the planning of service activities with billing processes.
  • Project time tracking
    Web-enabled project time recording for project employees and service. Invoable services are posted online against the project budget.