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Discrete manufacturing with ERP-System

Discrete manufacturing with ERP-System

More efficiency for discrete manufacturing thanks to process optimization with SAP and Boyum IT

Small and medium-sized companies in the discrete manufacturing industry often face challenges that are due to complex processes and interdependent manufacturing processes. The daily work requires a powerful ERP-System that maps all processes and relationships in the planning, control and production of discrete goods and provides all the information needed quickly and easily. Why? You can only make valuable decisions for your company if you have all the necessary information about a process.

SAP Business One offers a complete production solution for small and medium-sized companies (SME) in discrete manufacturing. Connected with Boyum IT Solutions' Addon Beas Manufacturing, which adds valuable additional features to the standard functionality of SAP Business One, you get an intelligent and high-performance ERP for discrete manufacturing that fully maps your business processes, greatly simplifying production control and increase your competitiveness. 

Powerful for all industries: SAP with the add-on Beas Manufacturing

As easy and understandable as possible and as versatile as necessary: this is what characterizes SAP B1 in combination with the add-on Beas Manufacturing. Coordinated with the discrete manufacturing industry, SAP Business One and Beas Manufacturing are your smart suite. As a scalable ERP solution, this forms the stable foundation of your company's entire IT structure and can effectively increase productivity.

Beas Manufacturing offers a range of base and add-on modules that extend the standard functionality of SAP B1 to include specific functions for the manufacturing industry. With end-to-end functionalities from the planning phase through control and implementation to execution, Beas ensures efficiency and flexibility in production.

The software includes functions for managing and controlling the workflows and processes as well as for the cost accounting of the manufacturing companies. Tools for production planning and the processing of contract manufacturing are integrated in the systems as well as specific strategies for the materials management of order, storage, mixed and variant production.

Features of SAP B1 with Beas for discrete manufacturing companies

  • Project cockpit for all project types from engineering, prototyping and production over customer acceptance to budget as well as cost control.
  • Convenient cost calculation per article, production order and batch, flexible multilevel break-even analysis, etc.
  • Advanced Planning and Scheduling (APS) for group, single, and alternative resources (machines, tools, personnel) to optimize capacity and productivity
  • Simple integration of subsystems such as CAD / PLM, machines (PLC), cutting optimization etc.
  • ISO compliance (functional) through quality management along the supply chain and comprehensive quality proof (version, revision, drawing, batch and serial numbers).

Transparent ERP solution for mechanical engineering

ERP for Special Mechanical EngenieeringIn mechanical engineering it´s important to produce efficient and in constant quality. Futher there are numerous regulatory requirements regarding safety requirements (such as ISO standards) that service providers in mechanical engineering must comply with. Efficient management of the company, however, is often much more difficult, because usually each division has its own single solution in use and no uniform database exists.

This is where the ERP system for mechanical engineering comes into play: it takes all these points into account and, in addition, makes it possible to exploit all the benefits of modern Industry 4.0 and digitization. Automated processes, real-time reporting, predictive maintenance, improved quality management, and detailed enterprise metrics take your business to the next level of digital transformation. With SAP B1 and Beas Manufacturing, you save time and money, both in production and in the supply chain. Of course, the software grows together with your company, because the modular structure allows the expansion of the functionality even during or after the implementation phase.

The ERP system in special machine construction

For special machine construction with single and small series production are entirely different requirements on an ERP system needed, than in regular mechanical engineering. When manufactured to customer specifications, the company must be able to respond quickly and efficiently to customer requirements, as well as provide unrestricted flexibility combined with the greatest possible control and transparency.

The combination of SAP Business One and the additional functions of Beas Manufacturing can entirely map the business processes in special machine construction and sustainably increase productivity in production. The top priority is to optimize existing resources for maximized production output, reduce setup time and meet customer requirements. In addition, material availability and capacity can be scheduled together with Beas Manufacturing APS to calculate the delivery date while effectively planning a large number of production orders.

At the same time, you keep an eye on all the phases of a project - from the design through the prototype and the production to the customer acceptance - centrally visible in one place - of course together with the budget and the cost control.

Shorten set-up times in metalworking

metalworking industryThe metalworking industry faces many challenges: the exhaustion of high-quality raw materials, increasingly complex supply chains, international trade agreements and conventions, or the shortage of skilled staff are just a few. With the growing amount of production resources such as machinery, materials, manpower, and tools, and the increasing complexity of parts lists, guaranteeing accurate customer delivery dates also becomes a major challenge. It is therefore all the more important to re-evaluate your own company and to use optimization opportunities in order to remain competitive.

For example, with a suitable metalworking ERP system, you can improve your company's resource planning, reduce setup times, quickly calculate product costs and selling prices for a more accurate quotation. Additionally it´s possible to monitor your business performance in real time at any time and manage easily external subcontractors from planning through production to distribution. The reduction of excess inventory and the achievement of quality standards are possibilities of an ERP system for metalworking companies. With SAP Business One and the add-on Beas Manufacturing, they remain flexible at all times and, if necessary, simply extend the functional scope with additional modules.

Reliable ERP solution for the packaging industry

packaging industryIn the packaging industry, there are as well numerous official regulations and ISO standards, which must be guaranteed by quality management along the entire supply chain. At the same time, the packaging should be produced inexpensively, at the right time in the right place and meet the latest industry standards.

The ERP system for the packaging materials must therefore be able to ensure efficient production with low storage costs and efficient supply chain management (SCM), as well as enable effective risk management. The system should respond to new standards and legal requirements in an uncomplicated and timely manner, and trends and technical changes must be quickly implemented so that your company remains competitive.

SAP Business One and Beas Manufacturing represent a highly efficient system solution for the packaging industry. With centralized process control, convenient costing per item, Advanced Planning and Scheduling (APS) and many other features, entrepreneurs can optimize productivity, save production costs and stay flexible react to new requirements.

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