Manufacturing Companies

SAP for production and manufacturing companies

Control and plan your production easily with SAP

With SAP Business One, small and medium-sized production companies (series and small batch production, contract manufacturing, factories) receive transparent business software that takes into account the complex processes and dependencies of the entire production control. Clearly, all decision-relevant information of the entire company is made available in one system. The operation is identical and easy to understand for all employees.

A decisive advantage: The intelligent software solution can be used quickly without any adjustments. This saves you time and money - from day one.

The software solution for medium-sized manufacturing companies

SAP Business One offers the complete production solution optionally with an operational data collection for the typical requirements of manufacturing companies. The IT solution for easy production control can also be successfully used internationally by affiliated companies.

Functions of the Production Module in SAP Business One

  • Defining multi-level BOMs - the BOM depth is not limited and can conveniently be displayed in a BOM report for better clarity.
  • Processing of production orders in three production order types:
    1. Basic - for produecing a regular manufactural article in the regular production process, all components are automatically entered by the software.
    2. Special - for special production or other activities that are not based on the standard BOM, for example for repair orders. Components for special production orders can be created manually.
    3. Dismantling - for the disassembly of a regular article into its product components and their conversion into the stock with subsequent sale.
  • Input - for production orders of the types Standard and Special, finished products are booked, and for disassembly, the individual components are posted to the stock.
  • Spend on production - this allows you to easily manually issue items to production orders or report completed disassembly processes - with automatic component output for retrograde picking.
  • Global update of prices of parent items based on price changes in child items.
  • Create production reports - keep track of all open and completed sales and purchasing documents and automatically generate detailed BOM reports.

Integrated modules simplify and speed up your production

System-wide integrated modules work seamlessly together. For example, create procurement orders or production orders directly from one or more sales orders or blanket orders, or determine at any time transparently via the article availability check whether and in what quantity a particular article in the sales order is immediately or prospectively available on a specific date.

The Resources Module is an extension of the Production module that enables you to perform key business functions throughout your entire production chain, including:

  • Manage production capacity
  • Monitor calculations of standard production
  • Analyze actual production deviations

As resources, you can, for example, define goods, machines, tools and manpower used in the production of goods or in the provision of services. Unlike articles, resources are available in a given capacity at a given time. This capacity can then be assigned to a production order. The resource consumption is automatically added to the total production cost of a production process.

The advantages of the production solution in SAP Business One

  • Complete production planning
  • Overview of available capacities to avoid bottlenecks
  • Resource costs are included in the cost of the final product
  • Process-oriented BOM structure and easier maintenance of BOMs
  • Tailormade production order structure that reflects your production process
  • Precise WIP data and more accurate planning data

Since all business processes of the company are processed in the system SAP Business One from quotation to final invoice, from forecast to production control, you are immediately conclusiv at any time!

Information about the financial situation of the company or the status of a customer order are always up-to-date and also forward-looking (as a forecast). In this way, you and your employees are always aware of all the processes involved in your production and, if necessary, can counteract this at an early stage. In this way, you can survey your entire value chain, discover hidden potentials and friction points, and thus increase your productivity efficiently.

With your new production control system based on professional SAP enterprise software, you get a solid foundation for your entire IT infrastructure. In the usual SAP quality, you get a well thought-out system, which is as uncomplicated and understandable as possible and at the same time as versatile as necessary, tailored to the manufacturing industry.

Do you have questions about our SAP industry solutions or would you like to get to know the importance of implementing them in your company? We are happy to advise you - just contact us!