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Powerful for all industries: Discrete Manufacturing with SAP & Beas Manufacturing

SAP Business One and Beas Manufacturing: The combination of the versatile ERP system with the custom-fit add-on enables optimal processes for discrete manufacturing.

Process optimization with SAP Business One More efficiency for discrete manufacturing

As simple and comprehensible as possible and as versatile as necessary: This is what characterizes SAP B1 in conjunction with the Beas Manufacturing add-on for discrete manufacturing. Tailored to the discrete manufacturing industry, you get your intelligent suite with SAP Business One and Beas Manufacturing. As a scalable ERP solution, this forms the stable foundation of your company's complete IT structure and can effectively increase productivity.

Beas Manufacturing offers a range of base and add-on modules that extend the standard SAP B1 feature set with specific functionality for the manufacturing industry.


With end-to-end functionalities from the planning phase through control and implementation to execution, Beas ensures efficiency and flexibility in manufacturing. With a digital link into the SAP Business One Cloud, data and bills of materials for parts can also be accessed anywhere.

The software includes functions for managing and controlling workflows and processes, as well as for cost accounting for manufacturing companies for finished products with invoicing to end customers.

Tools for production planning and the handling of made-to-order production are also integrated into the systems, as are specific strategies for materials management of made-to-order, stock, mixed and variant production. The allocation of labor and planning steps is also carried out via digital systems.

Features of SAP B1 with Beas for companies in discrete manufacturing

  • Project cockpit for project types from engineering, prototyping & production to customer acceptance and budget & cost control.
  • Convenient cost calculation per item, production order and batch, flexible multi-level contribution margin calculation, etc.
  • APS (Advanced Planning and Scheduling) for group, individual and alternative resources (machines, tools, personnel) to optimize capacity and productivity.
  • Easy integration of subsystems such as CAD/PLM, machines (PLC), cutting optimization and other IoT solutions.
  • Easy quoting for finished parts from mixed production, single piece production and more by calculating product cost & margin.
  • ISO compliance (functional) through quality assurance along the supply chain and comprehensive evidence (version, revision, drawing, batch and serial numbers).

The customized ERP for discrete manufacturing Use the industry solutions of the future

There is no question that today's discrete manufacturing has many challenges to overcome in order to be well positioned for the future. A comprehensive ERP solution like SAP Business One can be tailored to the needs of different discrete manufacturing companies, thanks to add-ons like Beas Manufacturing and its diverse functionality. With SAP in the cloud and Beas Manufacturing, you are well prepared for the developments on the market, because:

  • scarce raw materials lead to waiting times and price increases. Plan your material requirements and production flows for parts with real-time data to save costs and avoid bottlenecks.
  • increasingly volatile supply chains require agile action, supported by data analysis. Cloud-based ERP with end-to-end encryption enables secure data storage and accurate reporting.
  • digital transformation requires investment and resources for training. SAP B1 offers suitable interfaces for IoT as well as individual planning options.
  • the move to customer-focused production with batch size 1 makes well-organized BOMs for parts production even more necessary. Beas Manufacturing makes it easy to assign lists and data for each project.

Transparent ERP solution for mechanical engineering

In mechanical engineering, production must be efficient and of consistent quality. In addition, there are numerous regulatory requirements with regard to safety requirements (e.g., ISO standards) that service providers for discrete manufacturing in mechanical engineering must observe. However, efficient control of the company is often significantly more difficult, because each division of the company usually has its own stand-alone solution in use, which means that a uniform database is not available.

This is where the ERP system for mechanical engineering comes into play:

It takes all these points into account and also enables you to take advantage of all the benefits of modern Industry 4.0 and digitalization. Automated processes, real-time reporting, predictive maintenance, improved quality management and the evaluation of detailed business metrics take your company to the next level of digital transformation.

With SAP B1 and the Beas Manufacturing Add-on, you save valuable time and not inconsiderable costs for all parts of manufacturing as well as in the supply chain. Of course, the software grows along with your company and your growth targets, because the modular structure allows you to expand the scope of functions even during and after the implementation phase.

The ERP system in special machine engineering

One-off and small batch production in special machine manufacturing places completely different demands on an ERP system than in regular mechanical engineering. When manufacturing specifically to customer requirements, the company must be able to respond quickly and highly efficiently to customer demands and deliver unlimited flexibility combined with the greatest possible control and transparency.

The combination of SAP Business One and the additional functions for discrete manufacturing from Beas Manufacturing can comprehensively map the business processes in special machine manufacturing and sustainably increase productivity in production.

  • The top priority is to first optimize existing resources to further maximize production output, significantly reduce necessary setup times where possible, and meet customer requirements.
  • In addition, material availability and capacity can be scheduled together with Beas Manufacturing APS to calculate the delivery date while effectively planning a large number of production orders within the digital systems.

In doing so, you keep an eye on all phases of a project from design to prototype and production to customer acceptance centrally in one place - along with budget and cost control, of course.

Shorten setup times with an ERP for metal processing

The metalworking industry faces numerous challenges: The depletion of high-quality raw materials, increasingly complex global supply chains, international trade agreements and regulations, or the shortage of skilled labor are just a few of them. With the multitude of production resources such as machines, materials, labor and tools, as well as the increasing complexity of bills of materials, guaranteeing precise customer delivery dates is also becoming a major challenge. This makes it all the more important to re-evaluate one's own company and take advantage of optimization opportunities in order to remain competitive.

With a suitable ERP system for metal processing, you can, for example:

  • Improve your company's resource planning, reduce necessary setup times, quickly calculate individual product costs and sales prices for more accurate quoting, and review your company's performance in real time at any time.
  • Managing external subcontractors from planning to manufacturing to distribution, reducing excess inventory and achieving quality standards are also possible using ERP system for metalworking companies.

With SAP Business One and the Beas Manufacturing add-on, they remain flexible at all times and can simply expand the range of functions with additional modules as needed.

Reliable ERP solution for the packaging industry

In the packaging industry, too, there are numerous official regulations through ISO standards, compliance with which must be ensured through quality assurance along the entire supply chain. At the same time, the packaging should be produced cost-effectively, at the right time and in the right place, and meet the latest industry standards.

  • The ERP system for the packaging materials must therefore be able to ensure efficient manufacturing with low storage costs and powerful supply chain management (SCM), as well as enable effective risk management.
  • The system should respond to new standards and legal requirements in an uncomplicated and timely manner, and trends and technical changes must be able to be implemented quickly so that your company is competitive.


SAP Business One and Beas Manufacturing provide a highly efficient system solution for the packaging industry. Centralized process control, convenient per-item costing, Advanced Planning and Scheduling (APS), and many other features enable entrepreneurs to optimize productivity, save production costs, and respond flexibly to new requirements.

Save time and money thanks to COSIB

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