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Make-to-Order Manufacturing Software

Make-to-Order Manufacturing ERP Software

Target Group

SAP industry solution for the typical requirements of small and medium-sized plant manufacturers with project-oriented procurement and production. The solution can be used profitably in companies from 3 workplaces. On average, about 10 workstations are equipped with the solution, it can easily run installations with about 50 jobs. In addition, the industry solution can be successfully used by affiliated companies internationally

The industry solution

With SAP Business One for apparatus and machine construction, the decision-relevant information of the company is available to you in one system. A decisive advantage, because the industry solution can be used quickly without any adjustments. The operation is identical and easy to understand for all employees. This saves you time and money - from day one.

Advantages of integration

Since all business processes in the industry solution - from quotation to billing, from design to production, from production data collection to post-costing - are processed in one integrated system, you are always immediately up-to-date. Information about the financial situation of the enterprise, or the status of a customer order are simply and ajour, or also forward-looking as prognosis available. So you are always informed and can counteract if necessary early.

  • Manufacturing
    In the customer order, the demand for material and work is generated. From here an order-related disposition is carried out. This planning is supported graphically.
  • Unique customer assignment
    The sales order number, commission number or project number is taken along with the customer data through the entire business transaction. This ensures that the assignment is always correct.
  • Automatic order proposals and production proposals
    Material requirements planning considers purchasing transactions and production orders for the customer order date over the entire structure of the order. These are created by the system for rough planning and are available to the user for further processing / release.
  • Integrated production data acquisition
    In the routing the feedback of the order data is organized. Milestone bookings reduce the effort considerably and can be freely defined.
  • Product costing
    Calculation schemes are free to define, because every calculation is different. Costing runs are possible via the BOM with routing or in the production order in each status and can update price lists if required.
  • Planning board
    The utilization of the cost centers is easy to analyze. The factory overview shows the exact status of an order graphically. From here you can branch into the respective order.