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SAP Industry Solutions

SAP Industry Solutions

Best Practice - with SAP Solutions

SAP AddOn's make the full integration of all industry solutions in SAP Business One possible. As a result, we offer small and medium-sized companies systems for ERP, PPS, BDE and project management, which were previously reserved exclusively for large companies. Our customers have an unprecedented potential for making all processes more efficient and improving customer orientation and adaptability.

SAP offers investment security

By doing so, SAP Business One, as a globally established platform, provides the investment security necessary to implement the strategy successfully over the long term. Unlike the widely used standard applications, the functionality of our industry solution is tailored exactly to the requirements of discrete manufacturing. The cost of expensive individual development is minimized and eliminated for the classic business processes of the industry. The complexity and costs of the implementation process are noticeably reduced.

Select the right industry software for the future

A great challenge for entrepreneurs: When selecting suitable business software, you as a business owner face a great challenge and want to set the course for the future with the right choice. The advantages of an industry software are, in addition to the favorable procurement costs, the high accuracy of fit for individual requirements and comparatively short-term availability.

The difficulty in choosing the right enterprise software: If, after a few years, the business evolves in ways that are not supported by the chosen industry solution and software enhancements are not possible, additional industry solutions need to be purchased. There are additional costs and the IT landscape is becoming uneven. In the worst case, the different software solutions are not compatible with each other and the access to all corporate data is unnecessarily complicated for the users.

With industry solutions based on SAP Business One or SAP HANA, COSIB GmbH - a longtime official SAP partner - offers you a platform that adapts to the development of your company. Various SAP modules make subsequent cost-effective and compatible expansion of your industry software possible, without any loss of comfort in the handling of enterprise software.

Software that is individually tailored to each industry

We serve customers from different industries. With the help of our know-how, we have already equipped factories for apparatus construction, equipment construction and plant construction, retail companies from retail to wholesale, logistics companies and many more with an integrated software solution based on SAP Business One. On request, we also offer our customers an individual care concept including maintenance and regular update and release service.

Example: business solutions for the industry

Do you want a clear, easy-to-use and powerful solution? Then we would like to introduce you to SAP Business One and SAP HANA - software that covers all of your industry-specific business processes in a mechanical engineering company. We provide innovative, fully integrated and consistent industry solutions for the requirements of small and medium-sized engineering companies based on SAP Business One.

The industry solution organizes typical business processes perfectly. This saves time and money - right from the first day of implementation.

Punctual implementation at a fixed price

Benefit from thirty years of project experience from several thousand customer projects. The software, which has been specially developed for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), enables the precise planning of implementation and consolidation projects and the optimal achievement of all goals - objectives, such as functions, availability or quality, as well as deadlines and costs. This ensures that risk-free projects can be implemented at a fixed price.

Your advantages at a glance

  • Complete industry packages or industry solutions
  • Operational data acquisition and attendance time (optional)
  • High release security, automatic update processes
  • PDM / CAD integration (optional)
  • Fast and safe operational readiness
  • Punctual introduction to the fixed price
  • Attractive pricing and financing models for SMEs
  • Approximately 150,000 users work daily with SAP Business One
  • The solution can be used internationally in more than 40 countries