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Respond faster to business requirements

With SAP HANA Cloud, you get the advantage of all the benefits of the SAP Business One HANA release in a private Cloud, without having to pay high investment costs before you buy it. SAP HANA Cloud is perfect for small and medium-sized businesses as well as StartUp's that plan big and professional. Big Data? No problem for SAP HANA Cloud Platform.

Keep up with big companies - even in the IT environment

Economic conditions are constantly changing. Leading companies continuously and uncompromisingly develop new strategies to grow. The offer of your competitors in services and products is changing rapidly. And in addition, you maybe have to cope with price and supply changes of your suppliers.

You need to be adaptable and able to respond quickly then in order to compete and even conquer new markets. With SAP HANA Cloud, you have access to comprehensive real-time analyzes so that you can react flexibly at any time.

Faster, bigger and more flexible - Nevertheless stable and safe

For many years, the requirements of companies have grown in relation to their IT departments. The desire for an increasingly complex and flexible software environment is in conflict with the stability of the sometimes very extensive and sensitive software landscape. SAP HANA Cloud quickly supports varying business processes.

Concentrate on your core competences

By outsourcing the installation, operation and maintenance of your IT landscape, you can focus on the strategic development of your specialist departments, optimize existing processes and thus create added value. SAP HANA Cloud helps you to grow your business with continuous innovation.

Benefits for your business processes lay not only in the productive use of SAP HANA Cloud, but also in the use in projects: Reporting and process performance can gain immediate benefits through the real-time platform. For example, by reducing day-to-day tasks, you can relieve customer IT staff and increase focus on improving business processes.

Reduced costs - SAP HANA Cloud as operating expense

Reduce Your Costs with optimum Agility and Elasticity: SAP HANA Cloud enables you to best deliver of the right hardware and software for your business. At the same time, the IT environment can be easily adapted to increasing and decreasing business requirements. Post the cost of SAP HANA Cloud as a monthly operational expense rather than as a high investment expense that pays for itself after a long time.

Risk minimization thanks to SAP HANA Cloud

As an entrepreneur or IT manager with SAP as a Cloud solution, easily avoid the risk of a bad investment by relying on OnDemand enterprise software. The Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform eliminates costly decisions. The risk of bad investments in own hardware for the IT infrastructure is also reduced.

Your benefits at a glance

  • Reduce costs: free the operation of your own IT landscape from unnecessary costs.
  • Low Acquisition Costs: The cost of purchasing SAP HANA Cloud is significantly lower than acquiring perpetual licenses and the required IT infrastructure.
  • Pay-as-Use: You only pay for licenses or jobs that you really use.
  • Calculability and transparency: Your costs are clearly calculable and absolutely transparent.
  • Always up to date: Our service includes software usage, upgrades, maintenance and support of your software solution with SAP HANA Cloud.
  • High availability and security: You have access to your data via a secure Internet connection at any time and from any device - even from your iPhone / iPad via the mobile application.

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