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SAP Business One Cloud Digital innovation with the usual SAP quality

With the intelligent SAP Cloud solution for start-ups & SMEs, you can move your business forward.

Digital - but secure!

Digitize your company.

With SAP Cloud Solutions

Innovation, growth, competitive advantages, rocket launches

Benefits for your Business 4 good reasons for an SAP Cloud ERP

SAP Business One Cloud is the perfect solution for all entrepreneurs who want to manage their business processes quickly and without much effort and control them regardless of location. All you need is an Internet-enabled end device with a browser.


With SAP B1 Cloud, you save right from the start. This is because there is no need to invest in a comprehensive IT infrastructure, in-house IT specialists for SAP or additional hardware.

Which cloud solution suits me?

SAP Cloud Lösungen umsetzen  laptop digital surroundings

SAP Business One Cloud

SAP Business One Cloud gives you full control over all your business processes and information - wherever you are in the world. For the cloud platform for SAP B1, you don't need a download, your own server rooms or in-house SAP specialists. You use the SaaS solution just as if it were installed on-site, without delay and with all relevant information just a click away.

  • Your company and its workflows or processes are individual - SAP B1 Cloud offers a wide range of functions for this and can be expanded almost without limits. Thus it optimally covers your requirements and needs and can be adapted in case of changes. 
  • A fundamental part of the SAP Business One DNA is the integration possibility of technical interfaces - for example for an eCommerce store or order data retrieval - but also add-ons like a document management system or compliance solutions. 

With the cloud platform for SAP Business One and the practical extensions, you can turn on the turbo for your workflow.

SAP Business One HANA Cloud

Big Data applications are relevant for your business? Then plan and simulate scenarios in seconds! In addition to all the standard functions of SAP Business One Cloud, data analyses and forecasts that used to take hours are available to you immediately with SAP HANA in the cloud. In doing so, the HANA Cloud Platform accelerates your system so effectively that the processes in daily business and the analysis of large data volumes can be processed in parallel. And all this without high investment costs!

  • With the help of this HANA in-memory technology, company data can be analyzed in real time and decisions can be made based on live results. This accelerates important decision-making processes enormously and improves the quality of decisions at the same time.
  • As a result, you will plan and simulate scenarios considerably faster in the future. And with the data and results available in real time as well as full integration into SAP Business One, you can control, monitor or optimize processes along your value chain at any time.

Whether SME or start-up: Use the efficient HANA Cloud solution as an ideal complement to SAP Business One Cloud!

Managed Cloud Service How does the operation of the cloud work?

  • Choose a managed cloud service from one of our professional hosting partners that is individually tailored to your process structure.
  • The Software as a Service solution is scalable at any time. You can access your IT infrastructure securely and from any location.
  • Public, private cloud or hybrid cloud implementations are possible. We adapt the hosting to your needs.
  • This means you can use cost-effective public cloud services at any time or, for example, map data that is subject to special corporate rules via a private cloud.
  • Do it yourself! Benefit from the fast implementation option in self-service. Start now into the future: digital, simple and firmly in the saddle.
  • Use our ready-made learning and training content for the cloud implementation to make the most of the potential of SAP B1.
  • Litte time? Then we recommend our all-round carefree package: the COSIB consulting full service for your implementation project.
  • You start right away with SAP Business One Cloud. Your daily business can continue undisturbed. We accompany and support the implementation.
Suitable for your company

The SAP Business One Cloud: Costs

What all belongs to the cloud: Digital elements

How much does a cloud cost?

You can customize the SAP Business One Cloud Platform to meet your individual needs. Whether you are a solo self-employed person, a growing start-up or a medium-sized company: You decide how many user licenses of the Cloud Platform you need and with which term you want to start. You always remain flexible thanks to the pay-per-use principle. Because you only pay for the licenses you actually use.

The SAP Business One Cloud offering is scalable according to your needs. Book additional applications from our SAP cloud network as required. The integration works seamlessly. Also discover the many features of SAP HANA cloud solutions for Big Data and more.

What's included.

With the Managed Cloud Service, you get all SAP Business One applications as software as a service. This includes project management, a fully-enabled ERP, and CRM applications for marketing & sales. An ISO-certified hosting partner provides the necessary IT infrastructure. This ensures the protection of the data and its constant availability for your company.

You have access to your business solution anytime and anywhere, which is highly available thanks to multiple backups. We regularly maintain the system and provide professional support. The latest SAP Business One Cloud software updates ensure the security of your data.

What does the cloud cost?

You have access to your business solution anytime and anywhere, which is highly available through multiple backups. We regularly maintain the system and provide professional support. The latest SAP Business One Cloud software updates ensure the security of your data

  • Whether you are a solo self-employed person, a growing start-up or a medium-sized company: You decide how many user licenses of the cloud platform you need and with which term you want to start. You always remain flexible thanks to the pay-per-use principle. Because you only pay for the licenses you actually use.

    What does a cloud cost? You can customize the SAP Business One Cloud Platform to meet your individual needs. To the Cloud-Calculator
  • Dazu gehören Projektmanagement, ein voll umfgängliches ERP sowie CRM-Anwendungen für Marketing & Vertrieb. Für die nötige IT-Infrastruktur sorgt dabei ein ISO zertifizierter Hostingpartner. Dieser stellt den Schutz der Daten und ihre ständige Verfügbarkeit für Ihr Unternehmen sicher.

    Was ist enthalten? Sie erhalten sämtliche Anwendungen von SAP Business One als Software as a Service. Mehr zu On Demand & Cloud

Cloud Calculator

Now create your own custom price quote for the services just described, based on the type and number as well as the  planned useful life of the SAP Business One Cloud licenses.



What does the Cloud cost?
Startup oder Professional?
What is your requested duration?
How many licenses do you need?
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150,- € / Monat
12 Monate: 1.176
SAP Business One Cloud
Start now into the future!

The easy way to your SAP Cloud Platform

Roadmap Step by Step
Welcome Call to explain the self-service
  • Extensive training and education documents
  • Up-to-date project documents are available
  • Remote appointments: Cloud scheduling as needed
Project preparation
  • Setup & check-in with your SAP hoster
  • Basic configuration of your SAP Business One system
  • Provision of your cloud access
Definition of project and process flows
  • Definition of your future process flows
  • Description of special requirements of your company
Project Realisation
  • Data transfer or new creation of master data
  • Support with training and content-related questions of your employees and leadership team
Acceptance, go-live, support
  • Final quality control of the system
  • Handover into daily operation

As you can see, a switch to the cloud is possible with manageable effort and at the same time offers high potential for your business success. And best of all, you decide the speed. You can migrate your entire business to the cloud within a few weeks, or you can take a step-by-step approach and move process after process to the cloud. You determine the pace!

The cloud briefly explained

What is a cloud and how does it work?

Cloud explained


Cloud or cloud computing refers to the outsourcing of a company's IT tasks and involves the outsourcing of both software and hardware. The data is used and stored in an external, remote data center.

  • What is cloud

    Cloud computing is the provision of an infrastructure over the Internet (the "cloud") to end users. This consists of servers, storage space, network components, analytics, software, databases, etc.

    Cloud computing also includes various services, such as updates to software, data backup and storage, and monitoring of system behavior. Cloud computing has its origins in the 1950s, when mainframes were already sharing their capacities with each other - over long distances. .

    What is cloud More about SAP Business One Cloud
  • What services are available in the cloud?

    Cloud computing is divided into three types: Software as a Service (SaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS), Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS).

    Saas provides applications and software for users. PaaS provides a platform or runtime environment for developer tools and programming models. Iaas includes all the infrastructure needed to work in the cloud as a service. This then includes servers and other hardware. The infrastructure can be on premise or at the provider.

    What services are available in the cloud? More about Services
  • What infrastructure do I need?

    To use the cloud offerings, all you need is your own workstation, tablet or cell phone and, of course, Internet access. With Managed Services for your SAP Business One environment, we provide log-in data and a secure connection for your users.

    It is therefore no longer relevant for the integration which operating system you use or from which manufacturer your own computer is.

    What infrastructure do I need? More about the implementation

Private or Public: How does a cloud work?

The various cloud solutions, whether platform or applications, are stored on central servers. A data connection gives you as a user access to the cloud solution and the required data is retrieved via a server interface.

  • This means that the speed of data processing is no longer dependent on the performance of your end device. This means you can access all the data and applications you need even with a simple tablet when you're out in the field.
  • Depending on how high the security requirements of a company are, decision-makers choose a public cloud or a private cloud. The latter is ideal for users who handle sensitive data.

Public Cloud

Public clouds provide computing resources such as servers and storage over the Internet. This may involve multiple customers sharing a physical unit. They use a web browser to access the services and manage their account. SAP Business One cloud servers and their partners are located in the EU. The advantages are:


  • Highly scalable
  • Flexible deployment on Internet-enabled devices
  • Less costs for own hardware
  • Updates and maintenance included
  • Data security guaranteed thanks to EU servers

Private Cloud

In the private cloud, cloud computing resources are used exclusively by a single company. In private clouds, the services and infrastructure components are managed in a private network. The server infrastructure can either be located directly in the company or with a trusted provider. These are the advantages:


  • Are operated in certified data centers
  • Own server, which is also physically secured
  • Lower costs for own hardware
  • Less in-house effort for IT operations
  • Greater agility than in-house IT

Datensicherheit und Co. How secure is the cloud?

As a company, you want to be flexible, but you also want to protect your data. The applications and data provided on servers can not only be attacked digitally by hackers. Physical damage, such as a fire in the server room, is also a potential threat to your data.

  • Ihre Daten sind innerhalb der Europäischen Union am besten aufgehoben. Deswegen sind alle Managed-Service Angebote von COSIB-Partnern aus Europa. Die Rechenzentren unserer Hosting-Partner sind ISO-27001 zertifiziert und werden unter Tier-3 Sicherheitsstandards betrieben. SAP Business One bietet darüber hinaus umfangreiche Data Privacy Tools.

    Datenschutz in der Cloud DSGVO konforme Verarbeitung und Speicherung von Daten. Zum Blog-Artikel
  • Mehrstufige und stets aktualisierte Sicherheitssysteme sowie modernste Verschlüsselungsstandards sorgen für höchsten Datensicherheit, gesicherte Verfügbarkeit und Integrität aller Daten und Prozesse. Darüber hinaus müssen Unternehmen innerhalb ihrer eigenen Organisation - direkt bei den Cloud-Anwendern – eine Sensibilisierung für Datenschutz und Datensicherheit schaffen. 

    Datensicherheit in der Cloud Bestmöglicher Schutz vor Cyberkriminalität, Manipulation oder Verlust Ihrer Daten. Zum Blogartikel
  • Dafür sorgen bauliche Maßnahmen, unter anderem doppelschalige Betonbauweisen der Standorte und/oder eine sauerstoffverdrängende Feuerlöschgasanlage. Mehrere, voneinander unabhängige Stromkreisläufe und die automatische Replikation aller Daten zwischen verschiedenen Rechenzentren. Das reduziert das Risiko eines Datenverlustes nahezu vollständig und ist heute Stand der Technik.

    IT Sicherheit in der Cloud Vollumfassender Schutz der gesamten Cloud IT-Struktur und der Datenverarbeitenden Systeme. Zum Blogartikel

Do you have questions about the protection and security of your data?

Ready for the cloud? Get in touch with us!

COSIB is your experienced, certified SAP partner. Both in consulting and implementation, we have implemented a customized SAP Business One Cloud solution for many companies.

Whether with integration of the SAP HANA database in the cloud or with other practical add-ons: You only pay for what you actually use. And when you grow? Our cloud solution and service grow with you. We take care of maintenance and consistently implement data security. Our highly experienced SAP consultants support you in your first project - on-site or remotely. Benefit from our expertise. Arrange a free consultation appointment!