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Digital transformation with SAP in the cloud Cloud solutions for your business.

Digital transformation is also a reality for small and medium-sized enterprises. Fast response times, especially in IT and customer service, demand much shorter and more flexible provisioning cycles.

Managed cloud services for your business IT-Service on Demand.

The partial or complete outsourcing of the IT infrastructure to so-called cloud solutions makes it possible to apply technologies quickly and easily.

A good starting position to seize  business opportunities at short notice and to solve complex tasks. 

As an official SAP service provider, COSIB is happy to support you in setting up and managing partially or completely cloud-based IT solutions with SAP Business One.

Cover the complete range of hardware, software, security and service. With your externally hosted cloud solution you can:

  • Enable innovations that drive your business forward
  • Increase the growth of your business with the cloud
  • Gain competitive advantage over your competitors
  • Respond flexibly and quickly to changing market conditions
  • Increase your IT efficiency and absorb performance peaks
  • Get started quickly and in self-service
Start the future now!

Is your company ready for Web 4.0?

Cloud solutions, embedded between the IT and corporate strategy and an individual security concept, are well on their way to becoming the future of corporate IT.

Whether a classic in-house architecture with relatively static project development and implementation still makes sense for a modern, service-oriented company always requires individual examination.

But one thing is certain, we are on the direct path to Web 4.0, which, with a new quality of value­creation­processes through network collaboration and supporting auto­matization of processes, places new demands.

With our cloud solutions you can work more efficiently, flexibly and sustainably from different locations.

  • SAP Business One in der Cloud

    With SAP Business One Cloud, you get a powerful tool for your future-oriented business management.

    SAP business software together with a reliable managed cloud service is the future-proof IT cross-section technology for small and medium-sized businesses.

    SAP Business One in der Cloud More about SAP Business One Cloud
  • SAP Business One HANA Cloud

    Leverage powerful in-memory technology to enable databases, data processing and applications with up to 300x faster access.

    The equally fast return on investment in the cloud, makes SAP Business One HANA attractively priced even for small and medium-sized enterprises.

    SAP Business One HANA Cloud More about SAP Business One HANA Cloud
  • Implement SAP Business One Cloud

    Experience the benefits of SAP Business One Cloud directly and without a long start-up phase.

    With our successful implementation method, we realize the easy way to your cloud in just 5 steps.

    Implement SAP Business One Cloud
    Implement SAP Business One Cloud

Benefits of cloud solutions for your business strategy.

Work more efficiently, more cost-effectively, more flexibly, more sustainably and from any location with the cloud: Using the data cloud is uncomplicated and simplifies work processes immensely. The principle of cloud computing is particularly fair, as you only pay for what you actually use.

Secure strong competitive advantages. <br>Extremely stressed markets, such as the logistics industry, whose business is characterized by a high division of labor, many process participants and increasing internationalization, benefit particularly from the cloud:

  • Cost savings & higher resource efficiency:
    Cloud solutions offer major advantages, particularly in terms of capital expenditure. Long-term capital-binding hardware and operating costs, expensive software licenses and high investment costs are eliminated. Services and hardware can be rented monthly with calculable costs and billed according to  consumption (pay per use).
  • Scalability:
    Companies grow and become more complex. The enterprise cloud grows with them. Cloud services enable variable and short-term adaptation of the system to actual demand. Performance peaks can be easily served and losses can be reduced with less utilization.
  • Security:
    Providers of German data centers invest massively in data and failure security. This includes regular replacement of hardware with newer components, constant updating and ongoing system development. Data protection is also provided by various encryption options, access is thus secured.
  • Speed:
    Agility is a relevant success factor. And possible through faster speed or significantly shortened implementation times. While the planning as well as the set-up of a classic e-mail service can take weeks to months, this already works within a few hours via cloud services.
  • Simplicity:
    Special prior knowledge is not necessary. Cloud services can be registered and used directly and without any complications.
  • Accessibility:
    Worldwide access to the applications, data and analyses and your company. Since the cloud connection is always via browser, it doesn't matter where in the world you are. If you have an internet connection with an up-to-date browser, you can use cloud-based solutions anywhere - even mobile in the app.
  • Flexibility:
    With cloud solutions, problems sending and opening email attachments or difficulties related to limited storage space on your own computer are a thing of the past. Once stored in the data cloud, one can access and directly edit the  data at any time.
  • Future-proofing:
    The cloud consists of countless individual computers stationed in many data centers that are constantly being replaced. This means that newer and better computer models are used. In this way, the cloud constantly regenerates itself without affecting operations. In this way, outdated equipment can no longer pose a threat.
  • Sustainability:
    Thanks to environmentally friendly use of resources (for example, use of shared components, such as for cooling and fire protection), cloud-based solutions can also keep pace with current "green IT" developments. Central data centers are operated more efficiently than many local sites because their utilization can be controlled more constantly.


Brief definition: What is cloud computing?

Cloud computing refers to the outsourcing of a company's IT tasks and involves the outsourcing of both software and hardware. The data is used and stored in an external, remote data center.

Employees and the company itself are thus not tied to a local workstation, computer or server. Access to the requested data is possible via a network, for example the Internet or an internal company intranet.

Complete cloud solutions are already being offered for companies, with which the complete IT environment is outsourced. This "Everything as a Service" (XaaS/EaaS) model includes:


  • Cloud applications or software - Software as a Service (SaaS)
  • Cloud platforms or runtime environments - Platform as a Service (PaaS)
  • Cloud infrastructure or hardware - Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)