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COSIB Services Benefits of an SAP Business One workshop


We provide a fully configured SAP Business One system and have created your data as an example. In addition, all required industry extensions - if necessary - are included. After a joint workshop, COSIB is able to offer you a fixed price for your SAP Business One project as an  SAP partner . This sets us apart from all comparable providers.

Honest work

You provide your data for the workshop. Using the example of a business process from quotation to invoice with purchasing and procurement, production and assembly, production data acquisition and costing, delivery and service, we will go through "your" new SAP Business One system together with your responsible employees. You will get to know the system better and we will document the special features of your company. Using your own data, you can easily assess whether the system is right for you.


The preparation for a workshop consists of installing the workshop system, setting up the system and entering the data. We come to you with this system and go through the program with you step by step and create brief documentation of the workshop. It takes just a few days and if you decide on a project with COSIB and SAP Business One with or without industry solutions, we will reimburse half of the workshop costs.

Wenn Sie den kompletten Umfang des Workshops kennen lernen möchten, senden Sie uns eine Anfrage mit Ihren Kontaktdaten. Benutzen Sie dazu bitte das Anfrageformular.

If you would like to know the full scope of the workshop, please send us an inquiry with your contact details. Please use the inquiry form.