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SAP Business One Training & Online Courses

SAP Business One Training & Online Courses

Tailored training for users

Our training offers are tailored to your needs. Our SAP Business One training focuses on the training needs and desires of the people in your company.
SAP Business One will be set up and working in a matter of days, easy to learn and intuitive to use for every user. This significantly reduces the training and further training required by SAP users. This gives you a quick overview of your work processes and efficient management thanks to intelligent ERP.

Hint: We will train you just-in-time for a monthly fee per user. Through our remote training, you will be promptly trained.

If you would like to discuss your individual training requirements with us, please send us a request with your contact details. Please use our inquiry form.

Strategies for a successful introduction

When training your employees in working with SAP, we prefer the key-user method. In small and medium-sized enterprises, employees are often power users in most of the SAP Business One program areas due to their multiple functions. As a result, employees can quickly get used to the system during the introduction and learn very early on to use SAP Business One as a competent user.

So it is possible that only a few joint SAP training sessions of the interlinked employees will be necessary before the productive start.

Group practice before the live start

In each project a group training takes places before the real start. This type of training benefits all employees, as it resolves the last uncertainties in the use of the ERP system and enables safe operation. Ideally, all employees are familiar with SAP ERP so well that you, as a partner, can provide smaller help for new employees or colleagues.

SAP training at COSIB

We offer our further education and SAP training not only for existing customers. We are also happy to organize workshops and "academies" if you have a specific request or questions about the implementation of your SAP Business One ERP.

In this way, you can work on concrete problems and independently implement them competently.

All benefits at a glance

  • Tailored advice - complete training or individual divisions
  • Rapid integration of all employees
  • Group training to consolidate the learned skills
  • Practice-oriented orientation that enables direct work with SAP Business One
  • E-learning for flexible training
  • Support in the implementation of partner products

Benefit from our customized SAP Business One training courses. Use our contact form to discuss your individual training requirements with us and get an overview of our service. We look forward to your inquiry!

Best-Practice seminars at SAP - right up to the SAP project manager

We offer individual training for all requirements. Everyone has the opportunity to go through a complete training program. For every single area of the SAP Business One solution there is a special training course in the form of training at SAP. In doing so, we orientate ourselves practically, so that the employees learn directly how to integrate SAP Business One into their daily work.

Incidentally, this form of training is suitable for any size of company, as you as an SAP customer can use the cost-effective SAP Education offers.


SAP Business One offers individual e-learning for each area of all business areas: from financial accounting, to order processing, sales, warehousing, purchasing, production to management and service. These training courses are easily accessible via the Internet at any time and are available to users around the clock. In this way, you and your employees can flexibly and conveniently complete the appropriate SAP training.


In addition to SAP training, we are also happy to assist you with the implementation and management of complementary products such as Boyum IT, one of SAP's largest partners. To ensure compatibility is assured, add-ons are seamlessly integrated and efficient to use. We help you to create a seamless transition and to complement your SAP ERP.

Education Provider - Training for SAP Business One

Private-sector education providers are increasingly offering basic training for selected SAP Business One topics. Frequently, an education voucher can be redeemed. On request, we can put you in contact with an educational institution.


"SAP Business One for Beginners" by SAP Press is a comprehensive documentation and contains a complete set of exercises for all areas. The learning contents of the book refer to the SAP SAP Business One demo version delivered by SAP. The tutorials and helpful tips for reference and simultaneous use in the demo version make it possible to learn the program independently and without outside help. This is unique on the market and speaks for the competence of the provider SAP.