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COSIB Project Preparation of the specification sheet

We use specifications to document all requirements and services right at the start of the project. It is a fundamental component of a method for structured, transparent and timely project management!

Specifications Benefits

  • What do you want to achieve? What is important and what is "nice-to-have"?
  • In what order are the necessary steps planned?
  • How are employees and resources deployed efficiently?
  • How do we measure the success of our IT project?

These questions are easy to answer when you create a specification sheet. The requirements specification can be part of a workshop or created before a workshop, depending on your requirements. It is a fundamental component of a method for structured, transparent and timely project management!

It all starts with planning

An IT project can be very simple. How else could 40,000 other companies have managed to implement SAP Business One in such a short time? One way is to work with our experienced consultants to draw up a specification sheet.

As an SAP partner, we can help you determine the best way for your company to successfully implement a software solution.

The competitors: Objectives - Deadline targets - Budget targets

  • Every project can be reduced to these simple relationships
  • Our implementation method includes the project phase of detailed planning in advance
  • Our project reporting is tailored to the implementation of SAP Business One
  • We monitor the agreed objectives and guarantee the necessary transparency

Money well invested

  • Your company's requirements are defined briefly and concisely with little effort - a single day is often enough
  • This prevents subsequent corrections in the ongoing project from causing additional costs, which usually exceed the value of creating a specification sheet

For which project type should a specification sheet be created?

  • A project with several locations or distributed units should deal with the creation of a specification sheet in advance.
  • For all other projects, we have already provided a module for this in our implementation method - which has been developed from the experience of several hundred projects.

Cost-effective and suitable for our customers. If you would like to find out about the full range of our specification variants, please send us an inquiry with your contact details.