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Overview The proven COSIB implementation method

Our implementation method is a proven, comprehensible and very successful procedure for the secure implementation of SAP Business One.

The introductory phases

A complete IT project is divided into logical phases so that all those involved can complete their tasks in such a way that operations are only minimally burdened during the implementation period and day-to-day business continues without disruption. Depending on the size and complexity of the project, the number of phases and thus also the duration of the implementation project vary.

An extract of possible project phases

  • (Before purchase): Workshop
    In this phase, a requirements elicitation workshop is conducted with the key stakeholders to define the project objectives, scope and timeline. The relevant business process scenarios are also defined. This phase culminates in a fixed price offer.
  • Preparation
    In this phase, a binding order is already in place and the team holds a project start meeting and prepares the initial planning and preparation for the implementation.
  • Data transfer and data cleansing
    In every company, data accumulates over time that is incorrect, has been created twice or is simply no longer needed. Only the company itself can assess the quality. COSIB provides the tools to cleanse data and make it available for easy import into the SAP Business One database.
  • Going live
    With the successful completion of this phase, the system is prepared for productive operation. All users have been trained, the data transfer has already been successfully carried out once and all requirements for the new system have been met and accepted.
  • Review and optimisation
    The purpose of this phase is, after approx. 4 - 6 weeks of live operation, to optimise the business processes through follow-up training and/or customising, so that a higher level of user satisfaction is achieved.

If you would like to know the full scope of our implementation methodology as an SAP Business One Partner, send us an enquiry with your contact details.