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Implementation Methodology

SAP Implementation Methodology

Overview: the COSIB implementation method

The methodology was developed specifically to support small and medium-sized enterprises. It is based on the AIP method (Accelerated Implementation Programm/ SAP method), which was adapted to the specific needs of small and medium-sized companies (more on this at SAP Medium-sized company). It provides content and tools for secure deployment, leveraging the experience of thousands of projects across all industries. This implementation method is a tried-and-tested, comprehensible and highly successful procedure for the secure implementation of SAP Business One. To achieve your project goals this is the ideal tool. Our existing customers will confirm this.

The launch phases

A complete IT project is divided into logical phases so all parties involved can complete their tasks in such a way that the operation is only minimally burdened during the implementation period and that the day-to-day business continues smoothly. Depending on the size and complexity of the project, the number of phases and thus the duration of the implementation project vary.

An excerpt of possible project phases

  • (Before buying): Workshop
    During this phase, a workshop with the key stakeholders to identify the requirements, defining the project objectives, scope and timetable, will take place. In addition, the relevant business process scenarios are defined. This phase leads to a fixed price offer.
  • Preparation
    At this stage, an order already exists and the team will conduct a project startup meeting and prepare the initial planning and preparation for the introduction.
  • Data transfer and data cleaning
    Each company accumulates data over time that is faulty, duplicated, or simply no longer needed. The quality can only be evaluated by the company itself. COSIB provides the tools to clean up data and provide it for easy import into the SAP Business One database.
  • Productive Operation
    With the successful completion of this phase, the system is ready for productive operation. All users are trained, the data transfer has already been successfully completed and all requirements for the new system have been met and approved.
  • Review and optimization
    The purpose of this phase is to optimize the business processes by re-training and / or customizing after approx. 4-6 weeks of live operation so that higher user satisfaction is achieved.

If you would like to have further information about our implementation method, please send us a request including your contact details.