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SAP Business One What are add-ons?

SAP Business One Add-ons - or AddOns - are complementary solutions that extend the basic functionality of SAP Business One with specific features.

Add-ons Individual add-on extensions for your SAP Business One

Today, there are more than 550 add-ons for SAP Business One. These One add-ons are offered both by SAP itself and by certified partners (Software Solution Providers, SSPs). Work with us to develop the optimal add-on solution portfolio for you. 

  • SAP add-ons can be added to a Business One system at no additional cost and are registered automatically. They are thus an integral part of the SAP Business One license, alongside functions such as SAP Accounting or warehouse management.
  • In contrast, SSP add-ons are licensed and registered on demand and project-specifically, and made available on the users' workstations depending on the intended use. Add-ons from SAP Partners incur varying costs.

The idea behind it: Why additional add-ons?

With SAP Business One, SAP is pursuing the strategy of offering an intuitive, centralized application with a broad range of functions for all small and medium-sized companies. All the processes and functions that are generally the order of the day in companies are integrated here. At the same time, the ERP solution as a whole is as lean as possible and as comprehensive as necessary.

If additional functions are required for specific customer groups and industries, add-on solutions from SAP and certified partners can extend the functional scope of SAP Business One. These are, for example, add-on solutions for electronic data archiving, payroll accounting, production control, web stores, time recording or customs processing.

SAP Business One contains "onboard" functions that have been specifically selected and thus offers the scope to add further functions as required by individual companies. A structured further development of the core application by the manufacturer SAP focuses on the provision of standard-worthy processes and functions, the fulfillment of legal requirements in all localizations and the use of state-of-the-art technologies.

Companies gain great flexibility by being able to add and customize enhancements to the ERP system as needed, creating the foundation for a lasting, sustainable business solution. As companies grow, new requirements arise or new business areas are developed, SAP Business One simply grows with them - there is no need to switch to a new ERP system.

Overview Selection of SAP Business One add-ons

There are hundreds of SAP Business One add-ons worldwide that include region-, customer- and industry-specific functionality. The following excerpt provides a brief overview of the possibilities.
Ask us if you are looking for specific SAP Business One solutions and customizations for your company.

  • CRM for Outlook

    With CRM for Outlook you get a multifunctional add-on that intelligently links Outlook and SAP Business One functionalities and enables you to make your workflows more efficient and easier. The features of this link go far beyond sales support.

    CRM for Outlook More about CRM for Outlook
  • Fixed Asset Accounting

    Enables the management and monitoring of fixed assets in SAP Business One. As a sub-ledger to the general ledger of Financial Accounting, Asset Accounting provides detailed information on transactions related to fixed assets. The Asset Accounting add-on has been part of the SAP Business One core since REL 9.0 and no longer needs to be installed additionally.

    Fixed Asset Accounting More on Asset Accounting
  • Boyum Cloud

    Boyum Cloud is a portfolio of modern, lean cloud applications covering all core areas of manufacturing. This already starts with product development, which is supported by Boyum Build in every phase, through production planning, which is supported by Boyum Produce software, to Boyum Inspect for quality managers and inspectors.

    Boyum Cloud More about Boyum Cloud applications

Official SAP enhancements SAP Business One Add-ons List

  • Microsoft Outlook Integration
    Enables data exchange or data linking between SAP Business One and Microsoft Outlook.
  • DATEV-FI-Schnittstelle für SAP Business One
    Enables the creation and transfer of financial data from SAP Business One to the DATEV accounting system. Data can either be transferred directly to the DATEV system or exported in DATEV mail format (e.g. for the tax consultant).
  • ELSTER Integration
    To meet the legal requirements in Germany for the electronic transmission of data for the advance VAT return via the Internet. Saved data from SAP Business One can be used directly for the creation of the advance VAT return.
  • Payment Engine (Payment Wizard)
    Allows importing and processing external bank statements. Can store data for incoming payments via direct debit or outgoing payments via bank transfer. Also allows manual processing of incoming bank statements using the Cash and Bank Book.
  • Electronic File Manager: Format Definition (EFM)
    Define and edit various file formats, e.g. bank statement formats for easy import of bank statements.
  • SAP Business One Data Transfer Workbench (DTW)
    A migration tool that enables the transfer of data from your legacy system to SAP Business One.
  • Intrastat
    Enables fast and efficient creation of Intrastat reporting reports for the Federal Statistical Office.
    Intrastat has been part of the SAP Business One core since REL 9.0 and no longer needs to be installed additionally.
  • Solution Packager
    This tool is a development and installation environment in one. SAP Solution Providers can use it to program extensions for SAP Business One, and SAP sales partners can then install the finished packages simply and easily.
  • SAP Business One Fixed Asset Accounting 
    Enables the management and monitoring of fixed assets in SAP Business One. As a sub-ledger to the general ledger of Financial Accounting, Asset Accounting provides detailed information on transactions related to fixed assets.
  • Hinweis
    The Asset Accounting add-on has been part of the core of SAP Business One since REL 9.0 and users no longer need to install it additionally.
SAP Add-ons

SAP B1 Add-ons from certified SAP partners

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  • B1 Usability Package from Boyum IT
    This add-on, which is directly integrated into the ERP solution, contains several modules and enables different customizations and functions - with easy operation and great flexibility.
  • CRM for Outlook from Boyum IT
    Enables bidirectional exchange of master data, activities, tasks, orders and much more between SAP Business One and MS Outlook.
  • SAP B1 MailChimp Integration from Boyum IT
    Expands your email marketing capabilities by synchronizing contacts in SAP Business One and newsletter recipients in MailChimp.
  • Dokumenten Management System CKS.DMS from ck.solution
    The Document Management System is an intuitive tool for electronic data archiving, including text recognition and keywording. The add-on is GoBD compliant and ZUGFeRD Ready.
  • easy:dox Compliance/Sanktionslistenprüfung
    A flexible tool to comply with EU counter-terrorism regulations. Automatically matches business contacts with official blacklists.
  • beas Manufacturing von Boyum IT
    Beas Manufacturing offers a range of manufacturing solutions to help companies streamline their processes.
  • ePages for SAP Business One von ePages & coresuite ecommerce go von coresystems AG
    Online store with connection to SAP Business One enterprise resource planning.
  • SwyxWare von VIS Consulting AG
    VOIP integration to SAP Business One via CTI and integration to CRM. Enables calls directly from the business partner master as well as the direct opening of customers, activities, offers, orders and much more.

You are a certified manufacturer and would like to be included in our list? Contact us.