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COBI.time - Flexible personnel time recording

  • Optimal workflow management
  • Mobile from the road
  • Simple implementation

For SAP Business One Moderne Personalzeiterfassung am PC oder von Unterwegs

Easily record and edit working times via your own web browser or mobile device.

As a reliable and sophisticated add-on for SAP Business One, COBI.time allows you to book and manage your work, break and project times quickly and easily, whether you are in the office or on the road.


Your booked data is automatically transferred to timesheets in SAP Business One, avoiding duplication of work and saving time for value-adding activities. And thanks to the simple implementation and mobile technology, you increase the productivity and efficiency of your company.

Functions at a glance

Thanks to the seamless integration of SAP Business One, you can use COBI.time to manage your time bookings in real time and keep an eye on your employees' working time recording at all times. Use the diverse functions of COBI.time to automate your personnel time recording and payroll accounting:

  • Record the start, break and end times of your bookings, including for business trips.
  • Book working times for different projects and phases.
  • Compare planned and actual working times.
  • Make manual corrections to time bookings.
  • Get a clear overview of attendance with filter options.
  • Manage different employee statuses (e.g. home office, office, on the road).
  • Control users and their access rights.
  • Import employee data directly from SAP Business One.

Of course, time recording should first and foremost comply with legal requirements, but it should also work smartly and efficiently. We would be happy to show you in a short demo of the solution that both come together here.