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COBI.pcc - Operating data acquisition

  • Design of production processes
  • Time recording of production orders
  • Linking of parts lists

For SAP Business One Production data acquisition for creating production orders

With COBI.ppc, you can record app-based production data and define production logic and processes.

The PCC solution for your SAP Business One

An important requirement of most manufacturing companies is the ability to plan production, taking into account supply and demand for finished goods and raw materials, as well as capacity bottlenecks. The basis for this is an accurate and up-to-date information status of upcoming and current productions.




Use COBI.pss to design transparent process flows conveniently from your tablet. The recorded data is automatically synchronized with SAP Business One in real time. Your employees can process the data immediately for connected process steps, for example in purchasing, sales or warehouse management and thus increase the profitability of your production.

The functions at a glance

COBI.ppc is a customizable Android solution that aims to capture production data for your business. This solution offers flexibility to design both processes and production logics according to your requirements. It enables the creation of production orders in SAP Business One based on BOMs and production specifications.

Once the production orders are approved, you can use COBI.ppc's intuitive user interface to enter your production data and report it back to SAP Business One in real time. The functions include:

  • the organization of production processes,
  • the time recording of production orders,
  • the linking of parts lists,
  • resource planning,
  • automatic write-off of components,
  • the individual definition of reasons for malfunctions,
  • and the booking of intermediate and finished products.

COBI.ppc is a user-friendly tool that efficiently increases the transparency and data accuracy of your production processes and is optimized for the requirements of small and medium-sized companies. We would be happy to show you why this can be an advantage for you and your employees in a demo appointment, online or at your premises.