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Candis - Digital invoice management in the cloud

  • Digital invoice processing
  • Smart handling
  • Accounting and DATEV export

DIGITAL ACCOUNTING Invoice and document management in the cloud

Candis is the cloud solution for your finance team: digitized invoice receipt, uncomplicated approvals and direct transfer to accounting.

Digital invoice management in the cloud

Invoice receipt for everything: All invoices are automatically transferred to a central system where they can be managed securely and clearly.

From the invoice amount, date, IBAN and much more - the system reliably recognizes all relevant invoice information and takes care of the pre-assignment. Do you have a new IBAN, an unknown invoice format or even a potential duplicate? Candis checks everything for you and then shows you any irregularities. This keeps your data records clean.

Each invoice has a status that shows you the processing progress at a glance. This means you always know where an invoice is in the process. In addition, all employees involved in the workflow receive automated reminders about outstanding approvals. This means that meeting discount and payment deadlines is no longer a problem.

In addition to GoBD-compliant archiving of your invoices and receipts for at least 10 years, Candis gives you quick access to all data. With the filter function, you can find everything and can also seamlessly trace processes that have long since been completed.

Your Benefits at a glance:

  • Direct integration with DATEV & SAP Business One and many accounting exports
  • Automatic invoice data entry and pre-assignment
  • 10-year audit-proof, GoBD-compliant invoice archive
  • Direct integration with DATEV & SAP Business One and many accounting exports

Would you like to know whether Candis is right for your company? Let's find out in a joint demo appointment.

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Contract and document management for SAP Business One

Do you want maximum transparency for all documents? With digital document management, you can store, sort and manage invoices, contracts, delivery bills, quotations, order and order confirmations and other important financial documents. Candis is your digital archive in which you can store, link, sort and easily retrieve documents.

But not only that, integrated contract management also gives you and your team an overview of when contracts are due for renewal or termination:

  • If you wish, you will then be informed automatically by e-mail about upcoming contract reviews and can be sure that you will not miss any deadlines, without any manual reminder lists or sticky notes.
  • And if you want to have an overview in between, the filterable and sortable contract view also makes it easier to continue managing your contracts.

If you want to finally structure and digitize cumbersome or manual processes, we will show you in a short demo how easy and smart it is to work with Candis.

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Spending management under control: Candis Visa corporate credit cards

Never wait for your credit card statement again. Instead, with Candis Visa credit cards you can keep an eye on everything in real time and decide for yourself when and how often transactions should be exported to DATEV or to accounting systems such as Sesam, Navision, BMD and Sage .

The credit cards are available both virtually and physically. You can apply for them quickly and easily, approve them and set limits. All transactions made are immediately visible via Candi's dashboard, keeping responsibilities clear and cash flow transparent.

You can issue unlimited physical and virtual Candis Visa credit cards that you can use anywhere, directly on your smartphone and with all functions:

  • Simply photograph and upload receipts
  • Make new credit card and limit adjustments (Admin)
  • View card details and pay online
  • Link documents and associated transactions
  • Block cards quickly and easily

Expenditure management could hardly be more transparent. Curious? Then contact us for a short demo of the functions.