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EDI Fuchs - Professional EDI converter

  • Fully automatic conversion to various output formats
  • No programming knowledge required
  • Number of EDI partners is unlimited

Für SAP Business One The professional solution for your EDI conversion

The AFxConverter is the central data interface between your company and your EDI partners.

Quick & transparent Reliable data exchange secures competitive advantages

An EDI converter serves as a crucial interface between your company and your EDI partners.

With the AFxConverter system, our partner EDI Fuchs offers an extremely user-friendly solution for all EDI communication, conversion and mapping tasks. The entire process of receiving, converting and sending is fully automated.



Business messages are automatically transmitted to the partner's application system in the required format and via the appropriate communication channel. Thanks to existing templates, standing orders, partner profiles and mappings, classic EDI requirements are fulfilled quickly and reliably.


AFxConverter Overview of functions and formats

Companies that want to manage their EDI processes internally with different systems and partners need appropriate communication and mapping technologies.

With this EDI converter data can be transferred either via standard interfaces of IT systems such as production planning and control (PPC), merchandise management systems (MMS), enterprise resource planning (ERP) etc. or time-controlled via user-defined data retrieval jobs in the form of structured files. After conversion, the output data is either sent directly to the EDI partners or saved in freely selectable folders for further processing:

Data hub

The AFxConverter is flexible. It can be used as a data hub between internal IT systems and can be integrated into your business chain as an upstream or downstream system (e.g. an ERP system).

This means that data can be made available to merchandise management or other internal IT systems quickly and easily.

Modular Structure

The modular structure ensures optimum compilation and configuration of the EDI converter and combines all the steps required for the EDI application across various modules.

The modules can be used independently of the respective application or industry.


The filerouter of the EDI converter monitors the EDI message input folder, identifies all incoming EDI messages and starts the relevant mapping according to a trigger concept.

The inbound file is converted into the desired format using configurable standing orders and stored in the outbound folder.


Structured data as EDI formats are a prerequisite for automated data exchange. Here is a small excerpt of the available data formats (depending on the EDI service provider): 


  • iDoc
  • iDoc-XML
  • VDA Empfehlungen
  • openTrans
  • ANSI X.12
  • M@gic Eddy
  • Sage
  • alle EDIFACT Subsets
  • X-Rechnung

... and all other structured data formats.

Advantages of the automated EDI converter for your business processes

With this EDI partnership, you receive expert advice, customized development and professional implementation from a single source. We offer you a range of services designed to help you handle your business processes more efficiently thanks to EDI. The strength of our partnership lies in the experience, high level of expertise and flexibility of our services.

  • Business messages are transmitted fully automatically to the partner's application system in the desired format.
  • Classic EDI requirements are implemented quickly and securely on the basis of existing templates, standing orders, partner profiles and mappings.
  • All structured data formats can be converted without restrictions.
  • Input and output formats can be combined as required and can be expanded with new message types at any time.
  • The team has created demo versions with sample mappings to demonstrate the range of functions and services.
  • We set up the complete EDI connection to your partners at a fixed price. You can expand and customize this flexibly at any time.
  • With the AFxFormatViewer you can display EDI data in a human-readable form.
  • On request, we can also integrate your in-house format into the FxFormatViewer.

Fully automated data exchange across the entire supply chain is both extremely competitive for companies and one of the biggest challenges. This is why the exchange of data on business transactions at every stage and with every business partner requires the conversion of data into  standardized formats that can be read by the other party. We would be happy to show you how this converter can achieve this for your business in a demo appointment.