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COBI.edi - Electronic Data Interchange

  • Interface for exporting and importing transactions 
  • Enables the standardization of a variety of data formats
  • Internationally applicable (various national languages)

For SAP Business One Efficient EDI data exchange along the supply chain

COBI.edi enables you to smoothly exchange data on business documents and thus automates and accelerates your business processes.

The EDI solution for your SAP Business One

EDI enables business data such as invoices or orders to be exchanged between IT systems without media discontinuity. The data is transferred directly and format-independently to the ERP system of the respective partner.

COBI.edi is an interface specially developed for SAP Business One that enables you to exchange this data. This eliminates manual entries, eliminates sources of error and delays, works in compliance with GDPR and saves additional time.



Your data is first converted into a standard EDI format that can be read and transmitted by the transport protocols of both the sender and the recipient.

The EDI service converts documents from SAP Business One into the recipient's agreed format and forwards them. The data is automatically adapted to the recipient's ERP system and is therefore ready for further processing. This and the many available national languages enable you to exchange documents with business partners worldwide.


Functions and formats at a glance

Thanks to the standardization of data formats and the automated process of COBI.edi, you can realize faster transactions with less manual effort and thus enable seamless communication between suppliers, customers and partners along the entire supply chain.

You can map these transaction types (inbound and outbound) via the defined data interface in SAP Business One to ensure the exchange of business data quickly and efficiently:

Transaction types:

  • Sales order (ORDERS)
  • Despatch advice/delivery bill (DESADV)
  • Order confirmation (ORDRSP)
  • Invoice (INVOIC)
  • Forwarding order (IFTMIN)


Structured data as EDI formats are a prerequisite for automated data exchange. The following data formats (depending on the EDI service provider) are available:


  • Open Trans
  • Factur - X
  • XInvoice
  • ANSI X.12
  • MS Dynamics
  • cXML
  • alle EDIFACT Subsets
  • SAP IDOC Flat + XML
  • VDA
  • BMECat
  • PDF
  • PDF/a

and all other structured data formats.

Advantages of the COBI.edi interface for your business processes

Efficient communication and smooth data exchange are crucial for the success of a company today. EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) helps you to optimize your communication and achieve your business goals. We have summarized the advantages for you here:

  • Dedicated interface for integration with SAP Business One
  • Increase efficiency by automating manual data transfers
  • Ensure secure exchange of your electronic business data without interruptions (GDPR-compliant)
  • Optimization of cash flow through smooth handling of order and payment processes
  • Saving on personnel costs thanks to the paperless exchange of business data
  • Speed up deliveries by improving logistics processes
  • Reduction of errors and delays in data processing

Speed and transparency across the entire supply chain are both extremely competitive for companies and one of the biggest challenges. This is why the exchange of data on business transactions at every stage and with every business partner requires the transformation of data into standardized formats that can be read by the other party. We would be happy to show you how COBI.edi can achieve this for your business in a demo appointment.