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SAP Shopify Integration Seamlessly connect your ERP processes with your Shopify store

In conjunction with the APPSeCONNECT premium SAP Business One app, this Shopify connector enables comprehensive integration between the two applications.

How to use the SAP Business One - Shopify integration

The SAP Business One and Shopify connector can automate key business processes and streamline your company data efficiently.


The following data can be synchronized between the two applications:

Customer Data:

New Customer
  • Web customers can register online. All registration information, such as account information, is synchronized with the SAP Business One business partner master data.
Existing Customer
  • All existing web customer data in Shopify can be downloaded to SAP Business One.


Article synchronization from SAP Business One to Shopify
  • Specify the SAP Business One items in the Shopify webshop with all details. If complex types or variant-like products exist, discuss the structure with which the customer manages complex types or variant-like products.
  • Download existing individual or combined products into SAP Business One.
Updating product data
  • Updates to the product details in Shopify can be synchronized with the article master data in SAP Business One.


Value allocation of taxes and shipping charges
  • When converting web orders into SAP Business One sales orders, an exact value allocation of taxes and shipping costs is ensured for a correct calculation of the order total.
Synchronization of discounts
  • APPSeCONNECT supports the synchronization of discounts with SAP Business One Sales Order and maintains the same order value in both Shopify and the ERP system.


Stock update
  • Inventory update from SAP Business One to maintain accurate stock levels in the eCommerce store. Product inventory is synchronized from SAP Business One to Shopify, and there is the option to choose multiple variants of the combination:
  - In Stock
  - In Stock - Confirmed
  - in Stock - Confirmed - Ordered
SAP B1 warehouses that are linked to Shopify
  • SAP Business One warehouses can be fully linked to the Shopify websites. The stock from the desired warehouse or a cumulative stock from several warehouses can be synchronized with Shopify by configuration in APPSeCONNECT.


  • Since the Shopify store is integrated with a payment gateway, payment authorization is simplified and the capture process takes place on the gateway's website. Upon successful payment, the transaction ID is returned and the order is placed in Shopify. The invoice is also created immediately in the eCommerce store. APPSeCONNECT will download the sales order and invoice in SAP Business One as an ERP sales order and A/R reserve invoice with payment receipt along with the transaction ID of the online payment. This is dependent on the end customer's confirmation via the invoice management process.


Shipment tracking
  • SAP Business One users can enter the tracking number in the SAP delivery bill, which is then synchronized with Shopify. This tracking number is available in the storefront in the order details. This allows web customers to track their shipments using this number.

As an SAP partner, COSIB is at your side from consulting to the integration of the Shopify - SAP Business One connector.