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SAP EBAY Integration Seamlessly connect your ERP processes with your eBay seller account

In conjunction with the APPSeCONNECT premium SAP Business One app, this eBay connector enables a comprehensive connection between the two applications.

How to use the SAP Business One - eBay integration

The SAP Business One and eBay connector can automate key business processes and streamline your company data efficiently. 


The following data can be synchronized between the two applications:

Customer data:

Synchronize customer data
  • The eBay customer information with the shipping details is extracted from eBay and synchronized with SAP Business One in the business partner master data record.
  • Alternatively, a general BP can be maintained in SAP Business One - all orders can be synchronized with this special BP.


Synchronize products
  • SAP Business One items can be linked to the corresponding eBay product ID. Products and descriptions can be synchronized.
  • ERP article groups are linked to eBay product categories.
  • The product listing on eBay is based on the fixed price method.
  • When items are updated in SAP Business One, these products can also be updated in eBay.


Synchronization of sales orders + sales order drafts:
  • eBay orders are synchronized with SAP Business One as a sales order.
  • Order information such as line items, taxes, shipping costs, discounts from discount coupons, offer prices displayed as discounts are synchronized by eBay with the SAP Business One sales order to obtain an accurate order total.


Stock Update
  • eBay Orders are synced to SAP Business One as Sales Order.
  • Bestellinformationen wie Positionen, Steuern, Versandkosten, Rabatte aus Rabattcoupons, Angebotspreise, die als Rabatt angezeigt werden, werden von eBay mit SAP Business One Sales Order synchronisiert, um eine genaue Bestellsumme zu erhalten.


Fulfillment information
  • When the order is fulfilled in SAP Business One, i.e. the product is shipped, the fulfillment details (tracking details) can be synchronized with eBay as shipping information.
  • Based on these ERP delivery details, the order status is updated in eBay and the customer can be notified about the shipment in eBay for a better customer experience.

As an SAP partner, COSIB is at your side from consulting to the integration of the eBay - SAP Business One connector.