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Dokumentenmanagement mit CKS.DMS-Archiv

CKS-DMS for SAP B1 Archive documents, e-mails and files electronically and in an audit-proof manner

Keep all relevant documents, files and e-mails in electronic form and access the digital archive in seconds. This way, you save a lot of time as well as a lot of paper.

The challenge: Electronic document management and archiving

All companies, institutions and persons who are subject to an accounting and record-keeping obligation must comply with the guidelines of the GoBD. The Principles for the Proper Keeping and Storage of Books (GoBD) places special requirements on the financial administration when using IT systems for accounting and other records of business information.

The regulation also applies to all upstream and downstream systems of financial accounting, for example, to the enterprise resource planning system used.

Manual management of all digital documents and information is costly and time-consuming. Manual processing of data in the archive by one or more persons also increases the risk of errors occurring. In addition, relevant information and data are not immediately available from any location.

Without a systematic document management system with clear archiving, you will incur economic losses in the long term.

The Solution: Complement SAP Business One with CKS.DMS

  • We provide our customers with the optional supplementary solution CKS.DMS with SAP Business One and thus facilitate paper-intensive or administration-intensive process flows.
  • The database-supported management of electronic documents is easy for companies and their users to handle and maintain.
  • In addition, compared to other products on the market, the system increases the profitability of your company through low acquisition and support costs.
  • Installation and operation of the DMS software are also easy for employees without product knowledge.

Data archiving with a system: Document Management System CKS.DMS

The deep integration ensures that text recognition and indexing takes place automatically in the background after a document has been filed (scanned and printed). All documents can be called up in an intelligent preview via the document or business partner, which is additionally enhanced by a search function across the entire archive.

Simple file archiving functions are available for archiving other documents (such as MS Office documents or images in digital form). If possible, these documents are included in the keywording in order to achieve additional results in the archive search.

The most important advantages of the document management software at a glance:

  • Automatic text recognition, indexing and archiving of documents from financial accounting, asset accounting, payroll accounting, cost accounting, etc.
  • Search & Find: All documents and data in the archive database can be found easily, are available at any time, can be read out immediately, can be analysed by machine and are archived securely for at least 10 years.
  • Improved workflow through automated processes, less time and effort required, at the same time minimising the error rate in document management.
  • Simple installation and intuitive operation of the document management system CKS.DMS without prior product knowledge.
  • Simplest archiving with SAP: scanning and archiving documents is easily possible for every employee without time-consuming training.

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Bottom line: Save costs, speed up processes, comply with regulations

The document management system CKS.DMS is the key to success when automating business processes in conjunction with the ERP system SAP Business One. With us as your SAP partner, you can make your company fitter and more efficient! The cost reduction for document handling becomes immediately measurable in the area of personnel costs. With the same general conditions, you will achieve a much higher efficiency and be faster than your competitors.

With our document management system, you realise GoBD-compliant archiving and provision of books, records and documents in electronic form in SAP Business One - completely in accordance with the regulation of the Federal Ministry of Finance - and are thus on the legally safe side.