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Compliance Check Comprehensive online Sanctions List Check

Automated check of your business partners against current sanctions lists - independent of your business software!

Risk minimization through compliance check

Compliance not only means that a company must adhere to certain rules of conduct, laws and industry guidelines, but also includes the prohibition of business relationships with suspicious persons, companies and organizations. Every company is subject to the EU Counter-Terrorism Regulation. Failure to comply with the embargo can result in heavy fines and legal consequences. The criminal offense begins with the submission of an offer!

The comparison of business contacts - the regular compliance check - with the current national and international sanctions lists - also known as blacklists or anti-terror lists - is therefore an obligation for every company - even if it only does business in Germany.

With SAP Business One, COSIB GmbH offers its customers the optional easy:dox solution, which automatically compares all business contacts with sanctions lists that are always up to date. Don't take any risks and protect your company from impending legal consequences!

Simple and fully automatic Compliance check of your business contacts

The manual comparison of customer, supplier and partner data against the current sanctions lists is time-consuming and expensive. With a large volume of data and many transactions, permanent manual control is almost impossible.

For this reason, with the easy:dox integration for SAP Business One, we offer a powerful tool for the regular, automated checking of your company's entire customer master data or business partner data. This saves you resources.

Procedure of the sanctions list check

  • The integrated software solution regularly checks the entire business partner base against all relevant sanctions lists.
  • The batch process of the sanctions list check runs fully automatically at the selected time - at night, for example - and does not cost your company any additional resources.
  • Each test run is documented so that test certificates can be submitted in the event of a random check.
  • In the event of a positive check of a business partner, your company's responsible employee will receive an email with the check result.
  • After the manual review of a suspected case by the compliance officer, the suspicion can be lifted or confirmed and measures can be initiated immediately.
Flussdiagramm Abgleich gegen Sanktionslisten Extern Kundenstammdaten

Your benefits with EASY:DOX Flexible compliance & sanctions list check

  • The easy:dox software can be installed quickly and flexibly.
  • Cost- and resource-saving - the solution is simply installed on your server and implemented in your system. This means that the compliance check does not require its own server or database.
  • Easy to use and time-saving - the fully automated sanctions list check only requires manual action in the event of a hit.
  • SAP certified - compatible with SAP Business One and SAP HANA.
  • Wide range of functions - periodic updates of the current blacklists, adjustable sensitivity of the filter are included as well as a hit-related alarm function via email and much more.
  • All-round security - your company is protected from fines and legal consequences due to non-compliance checks.

SAP Sanktionslist Check Supported blacklists against persons/organizations

The easy:dox solution can be extended for any number of sanctions lists or embargo lists. We would like to point out that the current sanctions lists for crisis areas (Ukraine, Syria, others) will of course be added automatically!

The following blacklists are supported by default:

  • EU-Verordnung (auch CFSP genannt)
  • US Denied Persons List (DPL)
  • Consolidated List of Financial Sanctions Targets (BOE)
  • US Entity List (ENT)
  • Schweizer SECO Liste (SEC)
  • Specially Designated Nationals and Blocked Persons (SDN)


  • US Unverified List (UNV)
  • Nonproliferation Sanction (ISN)
  • Canada Criminal Code and UNSC (CAC)
  • Foreign Sanctions Evaders (FSE)
  • Sectorial Sanctions Identification (SSI)
  • United Nations 1267/1988/1989 ff (UNO)

EU Regulation 2580-2001/881-2002 on combating terrorism The basis for sanctions lists

The EU anti-terrorism regulations strictly prohibit the provision of any economic goods or services to persons or companies on the sanctions lists provided for this purpose. It is irrelevant whether this concerns specific goods or services or the export/import with certain countries.

The key message is that companies in EU member states must check their databases against current sanctions lists at regular intervals to ensure that no (services) are provided to listed persons or companies.

What are the consequences of non-compliance?

Sections 130 OWIG and 14 StGB stipulate that companies and their managers and representatives are obliged to take all reasonable measures to prevent negligent or intentional economic contact with listed organizations.

In the event of violations, those responsible are personally liable with criminal consequences - so these are not trivial offenses.

As there are software solutions for compliance checks, "reasonable measures" do exist and every company is obliged to carry out regular checks in order to meet the requirements of EU Regulation 2580-2001 and 881-2002 and thus comply with the new customs directives.

Use our SAP Business One add-on solution to ensure that you are on the safe side both legally and economically!

Would you like to get to know the full scope of our supplementary solution now? As an SAP Business One partner, we will be happy to advise you. Send us an inquiry with your contact details! You can use our convenient inquiry form, for example.