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Boyum Cloud Produce für SAP Business One Production-planning software in the modern manufacturing company

Plan, control and monitor production orders end-to-end - with just one central system: This is made possible by SAP Business One in conjunction with Boyum Cloud Produce, the intelligent production planning software for SMEs.

Transparency, flexibility, speed and efficiency Into the future with innovative production planning and control

Reliability, precision, adherence to deadlines, customer orientation and quality awareness: Medium-sized manufacturing companies have always been known for these qualities. However, in view of high cost and competitive pressure in combination with increasing customer requirements, additional optimisations and new concepts are necessary to be successful in the long term.

This applies in particular to the area of production planning and control (PPC). It must become more flexible, more consistent and more transparent. These goals cannot be achieved with manual accompanying documents, isolated solutions for lead time scheduling and outdated systems.

Instead, you need software for production planning that maps the entire throughput of a production order end-to-end - from planning to approval, control and tracking to completion reporting. Ideally, the solution should also provide all relevant data from the shop floor for the various production orders in real time.

Exactly these possibilities are offered by the production planning software Boyum Cloud Produce, which is used as an ERP-PPS-System system via a strong interface with the medium-sized business solution SAP Business One. It provides transparency throughout the process for production managers and their teams.

Keeping an eye on production orders Boyum Cloud Produce integrates the production order in the ERP system

SAP Business One is an extremely powerful ERP solution for SMEs that enables efficient management of resources and capacities. However, the software is not a fully comprehensive production and planning software system (PPS) in the standard version. For example, SAP Business One offers practical functions with which production orders can be managed and released.

However, there is no shop floor function available that, for example, digitally assigns production orders to the worklist of the production staff or tracks throughput times and materials. This data must then be entered manually in the system afterwards. This can result in various disadvantages for companies in production planning and control:

  • Communication problems between production manager and production workers during the production programme.
  • Loss of information throughout the production process is very likely
  • Lack of online access to required information (e.g. material requirements, stocks in the warehouse, capacities and technical notes)
  • Real-time monitoring of the production progress is not possible and reactions to changes are then only delayed
  • Subsequent changes not directly visible (new printout required)
  • High effort and error-proneness due to manual data entry of different participants at each work step

The Boyum Cloud Produce production planning software complements SAP Business One with all the features needed to master these challenges while taking existing production control into account.

Role-based production planning and control with Boyum Cloud Produce

The features of the production control software at a glance

Production manager and workers discuss

Boyum Cloud Produce consists of two applications: Produce Manager (for the top floor) and Produce Operator (for the shop floor). Both components work seamlessly together so that the entire process of production planning and production control can be mapped.

Laptop und Tablet mit Boyum Cloud Produce Manager und Operator Oberfläche

Produce Manager is aimed at production managers and enables this target group to manage, prioritise, release and monitor production orders. In this way, resources are better planned. This prevents possible bottlenecks at different points in production. In detail, the following production control functions are used:

Produce Operator is the application component for production workers. Its core is the shop floor terminal. It allows orders to be started and stopped efficiently from any terminal - for example, from a PC or tablet. Likewise, it offers extremely effective, paperless options for time and material recording. The features at a glance:

  • Administration: manage order data, define instructions, assign documents and inspection plans
  • Monitoring: real-time monitoring of open orders including deadlines, priority and progress
  • Rough planning: prioritise production orders to control sequencing and visibility on terminals
  • Order release: release one or more production orders
  • Production data collection history: monitor time and material expenditure as well as missing/incorrect data collection


  • Worklist: List of released production orders including work steps
  • Data acquisition: starting and stopping work steps, time recording, material receipt and order release
  • Material Entry: paperless, also via scanner, with easy handling via the shopfloor terminal
  • Information retrieval: paperless access to work instructions, documents, checklists
  • Scanner Support: Select single or multiple items with batch or serial numbers using a barcode or scanner.

Test plan, manufacturing, projects and more Advantages of the Boyum Cloud Produce production planning software

With Boyum Cloud Produce, you get an easy-to-use, modern, cloud-based, flexible, cost-effective production planning software that can be implemented at short notice and with which you can decisively optimise your production planning and control. The product is suitable for small and medium-sized manufacturing companies in all industries that want more functions than SAP Business One can offer as standard. Since it is an all-in-one solution for manufacturing, decentralised systems for sub-steps of the overall process are no longer necessary. At a glance, the PPS solution for SAP Business One brings the following added value to your operational business:

  • Standard ERP is expanded to include fully-fledged production control and planning
  • Transparent, clear production processes
  • Early detection of problems
  • Time and cost savings
  • Minimisation of errors
  • Reduction of rejects and thus also resource-saving use of machines
  • More flexibility in case of (short-term) changes in the production programme
  • Improved capacity planning and utilisation
  • Simple management of production orders
  • Digitalisation of paper-based processes
  • Mobile management of production
  • Visualise projects, tasks and utilisation with Gantt
Nutzeroberflächen von Boyum Cloud Produce als Collage

More than manufacturing software About the Boyum Cloud Platform

Boyum Cloud Produce is part of the Boyum Cloud Platform, a suite of several cloud add-ons for SAP Business One. Other components are Boyum Cloud Build and Boyum Cloud Inspect.

Boyum Cloud Build is a software for product development and work preparation. It supports the planning, creation, calculation and approval of products with innovative methods. It also allows the management of parts lists and work plans, whereby the required quantities are automatically determined.


Boyum Cloud Inspect, on the other hand, is a production quality management tool that supports inspection teams. Among other things, it enables the experts to create inspection plans. It also allows them to manage inspection orders. Last but not least, the collection of quality data is one of the features.

All three solution components of the Boyum Cloud Platform can be used separately or in combination with each other thanks to an integrated interface to SAP Business One. They were developed by the Danish SAP Business One partner Boyum IT, which brings distinctive expertise and years of experience in the production environment. All of the provider's solutions are characterised by best-practice functions, a high degree of practical orientation, intuitive usability, a design suitable for medium-sized companies and minimal support requirements. The products for production planning, production control and quality assurance, which have won several SAP awards, are used in more than 8,700 companies in over 110 countries around the world.

Cosib: Your powerful implementation partner

Boyum Cloud Produce is an easy-to-implement production planning software. Nevertheless, the implementation should be accompanied by an SAP Business One partner who has a thorough knowledge of both the SAP ERP system and the Boyum product world as well as the requirements of the manufacturing industry. The COSIB team fully meets these requirements. It analyses your individual needs for production planning and control and integrates Boyum Cloud Produce into your SAP environment in such a way that it fully meets your requirements. In this way, the production planning software can develop its full potential. Incidentally, it is also possible to introduce the numerous useful functions step by step.

Even if you are not yet using SAP Business One, COSIB is your contact. If required, the experienced team will of course also support your complete ERP implementation including the desired Boyum components.