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Boyum Cloud Inspect for SAP Business One Quality management in production - ideal for SMEs

Do you want to organise quality management in your production efficiently without neglecting quality standards? Then the modern ERP software SAP Business One in combination with the QM add-on Boyum Cloud Inspect is the ideal solution for you!

Intelligent supplement for the ERP system Create consistent inspection plans and optimise the collection of quality data

In view of the increasing international competition, product quality is coming more and more into focus. In case of doubt, it is the decisive criterion when it comes to deciding for or against a supplier. And consistently high product quality is also crucial for maintaining a strong customer relationship.

SMEs are known for their high-quality products and consistent quality management in manufacturing. However, the effort that is put into this in many places is often not in proportion to the benefit. Quality managers often still create their inspection plans manually or with tools such as Excel for inspection planning.

The quality inspectors also often record the collected data by hand. This results in several challenges for the existing quality management system:

  • The management of inspection plans and inspection orders is inefficient
  • Systematic analysis of inspection characteristics and inspection results is only possible with a great deal of effort
  • Data collection during quality control is time-consuming and error-prone. In addition, confirmations have to be made manually, which ties up unnecessary  resources and leads to delays in subsequent processes  
  • The status of inspection jobs cannot be monitored in real time
  • Mobile or remote working during inspection planning and the creation of the inspection plan are not possible
  • Quality assurance and quality management in production are highly paper-based and do not yet exploit the possibilities of the ISO 9001 2015 standard, which is used by TÜV to assess the quality management of an organisation

The reason for the hesitant digitisation of quality management is often that ERP systems are not PPS systems and therefore do not provide all the relevant functions for production inspection processes. This also applies to the standard version of SAP Business One. The Boyum Cloud Inspect add-on was developed precisely for this reason. It closes the gap between ERP und PPS and allows medium-sized companies to decisively improve quality management in production.

Balancing quality and costs

Lean quality management for manufacturing

Quality management is represented with miniature figures.

Boyum Cloud Inspect is a lean cloud solution for quality management in production. It has been consistently developed to meet the needs of SMEs in the manufacturing industry and adds several helpful features to SAP Business One. Quality managers are enabled to easily plan, delegate and automate daily tasks such as inspections. Similarly, quality inspectors are supported in choosing appropriate inspection equipment and methods, performing inspections, recording their results and implementing actions.

To meet the requirements of quality managers and quality inspectors alike, Boyum Cloud Inspect contains two application components, which are examined in more detail below:

Inspect Manager: Optimised planning, monitoring and analysis of production control

Inspect Manager provides numerous intelligent functions for the classic tasks of quality managers. This already begins with the planning and organisation of the quality inspection. The software makes it possible to create inspection plans efficiently. Sampling plans and quality targets can be added to each inspection step. This creates clear instructions for the inspectors.

Furthermore, Inspect Manager contains a modern dashboard with which the progress and status of inspection orders can be conveniently monitored after order release. Quality assurance has never been easier.

Since the data is provided in real time, those responsible can immediately recognise critical trends within all production processes and take immediate action. Depending on the inspection result, automatic completion of inspection orders is also possible, which saves a lot of time and further resources.

In addition, Inspect Manager allows in-depth, global analyses of the collected quality data. From a cumulative view of the quality situation, those responsible can dive deeper into the data if necessary - right down to the level of the individual inspection plan.

Bild des Boyum Cloud Inspect Managers auf einem Laptop.

Inspect Operator: Digital communication and paperless recording of quality data

Inspect Operator gives quality inspectors a digital and clear overview of upcoming tasks. Thanks to the software, every inspection plan for production can be made available on any end device. This means that mobile production control via tablet is also possible.

Thanks to the tidy interface, it is immediately recognisable which products have to be inspected, how the inspection has to be carried out and where the quality targets are.

The collected data can then be easily entered into the system. Tools are also available for smooth communication with superiors. For example, it is possible to document quality defects in the inspection plan with photos and notes.

The completion of tasks is also reported digitally, so that managers are informed about the completion in real time.

Boyum Cloud Inspector – der Operator wird auf einem Tablet dargestellt.

From the inspection order to the recommendation for action Manufacturing inspection easier than ever with Boyum Cloud Inspect

With Boyum Cloud Inspect for SAP Business One you get a modern out-of-the-box solution for the quality management of your production. The software can be implemented within a short time and requires only minimal support. Thanks to the flexible setup options, individual circumstances in your industry sector in general and your company in particular can also be mapped well.

The central advantage of SAP Business One and Boyum Cloud Inspect is that you receive an all-encompassing solution for the quality management of your production. Processes can be consistently planned, controlled, monitored and analysed. Digital, available at any time and centralised in the cloud. The previously used isolated applications become obsolete. The same applies to paper-based process steps.

They thus realise not only a high degree of efficiency and transparency, but also optimal communication between all those involved in the process.

The advantages of Boyum Cloud Inspect for SAP Business One at a glance:

  • Lean, cost- and time-saving quality management
  • Simultaneous improvement of quality standards
  • Early identification of problems
  • Use of all functions also via "remote" - for example from the home office
  • Data-driven optimisation of control procedures
  • Detection of difficulties with upstream suppliers
  • Central production control and inspection
  • Flexible subscription model with attractive conditions