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Boyum Cloud für SAP Business One

Boyum Cloud Build for SAP Business One Product development with powerful processes

Flexible, fast, agile and cost-saving: This is what modern product development looks like. With SAP Business One and the intelligent product development software Boyum Cloud Build you realize processes that exactly meet these requirements.

Associated with several challenges: The product development process

SMEs are not only the engine of the economy, they are also known for their innovations and high-quality products. However, in many places, it is a long, complex, cumbersome and time-consuming path until these products are ready for the market.

The same applies to product changes. A major reason for this is the lack of software support. As a result, product development processes can only be inadequately mapped, controlled and evaluated. It is true that development teams hardly ever work in a paper-based manner anymore.

Nevertheless, sharing information among those involved in the process is difficult. This is because companies often have several stand-alone software solutions in use, each of which is used to map specific sub-steps of the product development process.

This means that there is no central database for the  product development teams. A comprehensive view of the overall process is also not feasible. Scenarios of this type lead to several challenges:

  • The current status in the development process is not transparent.
  • Problems cannot be detected and taken into account in time.
  • Products can hardly be developed in an agile manner (agile methods are not applicable).
  • Cooperation between the teams involved is suboptimal.
  • Product development can only take place in-house (no remote work possible).
  • Data transfer to production (PPS) and quality assurance is cumbersome and time-consuming.

All these problems can be solved with the product development software Boyum Cloud Build - an intelligent add-on for the midmarket solution SAP Business One.

Support in every phase of product development Boyum Cloud Build - The product development software

By default, the process of product development in SAP Business One is defined by several laborious, manual steps and phases. The Boyum Cloud Build add-on solves this problem by adding several helpful functions for planning and developing new products to the ERP & PPS-System system. Boyum Cloud Build is particularly aimed at small and medium-sized companies in the manufacturing industry that want to optimize, accelerate, make more flexible and make their product development processes more transparent with only one central software. Likewise, the SAP add-on is the right choice for companies that want to switch from classic to agile product development.

Applicable in all involved company areas Agile product development

Boyum Cloud Build provides product management with all the tools necessary for integration between product development and the ERP system. Production managers also benefit from the product development software:

They are given the opportunity to create or update products quickly and conveniently. But other areas involved in the process are also supported. For example, manufacturing employees can use the add-on to request product changes, track product updates and perform cost calculation.

Intuitive tools for your operations: The features of the product development process software at a glance

A classic product development process is roughly outlined by the following phases:

  • Step 1: Prototype is created
  • Step 2: Prototype is coordinated with production
  • Step 3: Product management receives final information from production (usually by mail)
  • Step 4: Materials and work steps are created manually in SAP
  • Step 5: The bill of material and the routing are created in SAP


Even the fourth step is extremely time-consuming, as a large number of parameters for logistics and finance have to be taken into account. But the fifth step can also cause problems: For example, manual entry of bills of materials can lead to errors in the routing. It is also possible that individual materials are forgotten.

Often, such omissions only come to light when production has already begun. The consequences are delays, endangered delivery dates and unnecessary costs. Boyum Cloud Build remedies these weak points in the classic product development process by providing the following options and functions:

  • Plan products across departments: seamless data flow between developers and production
  • More process reliability: define activities and responsibilities in the system
  • Quick addition of new items: Reduce effort with convenient templates
  • Increase transparency: conveniently monitor progress throughout the entire development process via the planning board
  • Create work plans quickly and securely: Add materials & resources via drag & drop
  • Release products: Release complete and tested products to minimize disruptions
  • Minimize errors: Import parts lists directly from CAD files
  • Calculate product costs: Determine costs data-based and automatically, sales prices directly into SAP price list
Your benefits at a glance:

SAP Business One and Boyum Cloud Build

Product development with boyum cloud build

With Boyum Cloud Build for SAP Business One you get a modern, simple, quickly implementable and flexible product development process software with which you realize significant added value despite low costs. A key advantage is that all data required for the product development process is managed and provided in one central location. This in turn is the basis for optimal collaboration as well as communication within the team. However, a number of other advantages and options arise from the integrated process, data consistency and improved collaboration, which the software solution can map:

  • Provide all process-relevant data in real time
  • Transform rigid processes into agile product development
  • Use agile methods such as Scrum and new models of development
  • Realize significant cost and time savings
  • Relieve employees of unproductive, manual work steps
  • Minimize errors
  • Simplify internal communication in product development
  • Enable mobile / remote working in product management
  • Improve innovation management
  • Overview of processes at all times and monitoring of milestones

You see: With SAP Business One and Boyum Cloud Build, you can bring new products, updates and upgrades to market faster, more securely and more cost-effectively. Especially with regard to innovations, the shortened time-to-market is a significant competitive advantage.

About Boyum IT

Boyum IT was founded in Denmark in 1997 and has been an SAP-Business-One-Partner. The software manufacturer has particular expertise in the area of production. For example, Boyum IT offers complete industry-specific manufacturing solutions that significantly expand the functional scope of the SAP midmarket solution. Hardly any other SAP development partner can boast such a high level of expertise in this area.

Professional implementation ensures success

Boyum Cloud Build is part of the so-called Boyum Cloud Platform - a cloud-based portfolio of various applications for manufacturing companies using SAP Business One. The spectrum ranges from product development to a PPS component (production planning and control) to functions for quality assurance.

All these modules are seamlessly integrated and have been consistently developed based on the needs of medium-sized manufacturing companies. They can be used together or stand-alone.

COSIB can provide you with significant support in implementing the Boyum cloud solutions. As an experienced SAP Business One partner that has successfully supported numerous projects in manufacturing companies, the COSIB team ensures optimal integration of the product development software into your SAP environment. In doing so, the consultants always take into account your individual requirements and special features in the product development process. This allows the solution to develop its maximum added value.

Would you like to learn more about how your product development as well as production quality management can benefit from SAP Business One and Boyum Cloud Build? Then let the COSIB team advise you on the production planning software without obligation. Get in touch today!