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Smart ERP interfaces SAP add-on solutions for more efficient interface processes

Enlarge the standard of your SAP Business One features with solutions that enable efficient and automated data exchange along the entire supply chain 

SAP add-on solutions: Optimize your ERP with tailor-made interfaces

Welcome to the age of digital transformation! With our customized SAP add-on solutions, we bring a breath of fresh air to your business processes and make your SAP Business One ERP system fit for the future.

Our ERP interfaces are the key to unlocking the full potential of your SAP Business One system. From the integration of connected e-commerce stores to the automation of invoice management and EDI processes - we offer you the right solutions to optimize your business processes and increase your efficiency.

With our SAP add-on solutions, you not only expand your range of functions, but also your options. They enable you to react flexibly to new requirements, save time and concentrate on the essentials: Your core business.

Immerse yourself in the world of SAP Business One interfaces and discover how you can simplify your business processes and drive your growth with our solutions. Start into a successful future today!

  • Increased efficiency: Our interface solutions automate routine tasks and optimize workflows, saving you time and resources.
  • Expansion options: By integrating e-commerce stores, automated invoice management and EDI processes, you can expand the functional scope of your SAP Business One system.
  • Flexibility: Our solutions are flexible and adapt to your individual requirements so that you can concentrate on your core business without having to worry about technical details.
  • Competitive advantage: With optimized business processes and increased efficiency, you are one step ahead of your competitors and can differentiate yourself in the market.

As unique as your business Choose from our broad portfolio of SAP Business One interfaces

No two companies are the same, and so the requirements for an efficient ERP system such as SAP Business One also vary. Our solution portfolio reflects this diversity and enables you to choose the right add-ons to optimize your business processes:

  • SAP Extensions (Add-ons)

    There are currently over 550 add-ons for SAP Business One. Here is a selection of the add-ons most frequently used by our customers.

    SAP Extensions (Add-ons) More about SAP Add-ons
  • Advanced customizing
    SAP Business One is already adapted as standard to the needs of SMEs. With advanced customizing, you can modify your software to meet your company requirements.
    Advanced customizing More about the customizing options
  • E-Commerce

    SAP connectors for automating and synchronizing e-commerce and ERP processes.
    Through our partnerships, we expand the comprehensive range of functions of SAP Business One with modern and intelligent automation solutions for data synchronization from your e-commerce processes.

    E-Commerce More about E-Commerce Connectors
  • Invoice management

    Your invoice receipt for everything: All invoices are automatically transferred to a central system where they can be managed securely and clearly.

    The solution also enables direct integration with DATEV & SAP Business One, including 10 years of audit-proof, GoBD-compliant invoice archive.

    Invoice management More about Invoice management
  • Documentmanagement

    Store all relevant documents, files and emails in electronic form and access the digital archive in seconds. In addition to saving tons of paper, you also save a lot of time.

    Documentmanagement More about Documentmanagement
  • Staff time recording

    Mit dieser umfassend administrierbaren Personalzeiterfassungslösung können Ihre Mitarbeiter Arbeits-, Pausen- und Projektzeiten einfach über den eigenen Webbrowser oder das mobile Gerät aufzeichnen und bearbeiten. 

    Staff time recording More about time management
  • EDI - Electronic data exchange

    These EDI solutions enable you to smoothly exchange data on business documents and thus automate and accelerate your business processes.

    EDI - Electronic data exchange More about EDI
  • Sanctions list check

    Our Compliance Check supports companies that use SAP Business One with a quickly available solution for sanction checks. You receive a transparent and archivable check result and thus fulfill all legal requirements.

    Sanctions list check More about Sanctions check
  • Cloud manufacturing solutions

    This portfolio of modern, lean cloud applications covers all core areas of modern manufacturing. This starts with product development, moves on to production planning with separate production and store floor management profiles and continues through to quality management.

    Cloud manufacturing solutions More about Cloud manufacturing